Today’s Josh-O’s birthday! I got him the best gifts EVER. Check it!


He bought me one for Valentine’s Day last year, and he’s CONSTANTLY trying to steal it from me. So, this is PERFECT.

2. From Monkey and Rascal…. Magazines, pillow protectors (of course), and a HOMEMADE BIRTHDAY CARD!

How do you like that colouring job? Monkey’s a born ARTISTE!

Here’s what she did on the inside. Do you LOVE it?

Yeah, we made the cards from this AWESOME, very affordable card-making set….

Cheaty highly recommends!

So, I need your advice, Gorgeouses! I lost two checks today. TWO! I had taken the monkeys out for a walk in their double stroller (so ceeewt).

SHE insisted on putting that sunveil on the stroller on this very GREY winter day, NOT I. Just FYI.

We were going to the toystore to buy the card kit. The checks must have fallen out of my pocket. Anyway, when I got home, phone rings. A lady on the other end tells me she has two checks with my name on them! She found them on the sidewalk! This sweet SAINT of a woman is a nanny, and I’m picking them up at the house she works at tomorrow.

I’m so grateful to this sweet, sweet woman who TOOK THE TIME to pick up the checks, look up my phone number and contact me!

So, tell me! How do I repay her? A mere “thank you”? Money? Flowers? A gift certificate? I HAVE to give her something, don’t I? I’m just so touched by the gesture! I’m all faklempt! Please! Advise!