Since Rascal was born, so many people have been asking me the same question: “How do you do it all?” How do I juggle two kids under three, five blogs, a business, teaching yoga, cooking dinners, racing to the gym every day to lose my pregnancy weight (is it, INDEED, still pregnancy weight at EIGHT months postpartum? I AM still nursing, though…!!) — all this, on virtually no sleep for 8 months…?

Truth is, I’m EXHAUSTED. Completely run down. I’ve NEVER had bags under my eyes — until now. Eyes are BURNING all the time. If I don’t have my Starbucks chai-tea-latte caffeine fix, I’m a total zombie. So, to answer the question, I do it all, yes, but it’s taking its toll. There’s only so much one can do do do go go go….

So, I’ve cut down on the working out. Despite HOTTNESS of green-eyed kickboxing instructor, the LAST thing I need is VIGOROUS exercise to officially RUN ME DOWN to the ground.

I’ve cut down on the working out and started focusing more on my diet to achieve the balance I crave, the balance we all need to stay sane, strong, healthy, creative and productive. I’ve replaced the rigor and wear-and-tear of working out with gentle(ish), meditative dusk walks and MORE YOGA. I pretty-much ONLY go to the gym for yoga now. And, I’m SO lucky (it is, indeed, luck) that the yoga teacher at my gym is WONDERFUL, wise and inspiring.

That’s how I do it. Yoga. Meditation. Daily.

I never understood the beauty of this one particular pose — Savasana — until now…. Corpse pose. Relaxation pose.

Simply lie down. Palms facing up. Completely relaxed. Breathing easily. Sink into the floor. If thoughts arise, notice them and then let them go. Just BE. See what happens.

Sometimes, we do Savasana at the beginning of the class. Always, we do it at the end of the class. I used to give my students 2 minutes of Savasana at the end of the class, just for the sake of it. But, now…, I know better. A good 5-10 solid minutes has to be devoted to this pose — more, if time permits.

The most amazing things have been happening to me in my Savasana pose. When I take up Savasana, I never know what will happen. One time, I COMPLETELY cured an anxiety that was darkly plaguing me. Another time, I was strangely NAUSEOUS and struggled to stay still (still, a beautiful thing — a challenge). And, just today, I floated on the edge of consciousness, in space, looking down at Earth, at our little yoga class, at the Middle East, at green forests, rolling waters, bustling cities….These little creatures trying to balance their teeny little lives, and, at the other extreme, wreaking so much havoc. I “awoke” with more clarity and perspective….

I often see students getting up and leaving the class when we get ourselves ready for the final Savasana pose. I used to be tempted to do so myself. Now, I’m like, “WHAT are you guys doing? WHY are you depriving yourself of SUCH a TREAT! SUCH a simple INDULGENCE?”

The most AMAZING things happen in Savasana at the end of a rigorous, focused yoga class. I NEVER know what the pose will bring…. It is officially my favourite pose right now: mysterious, healing, challenging, relaxing, rejuvenating….

Cheaty highly recommends….