If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, you KNOW I LOVED Philippa Gregory’s book The Other Boleyn Girl — I mean, I was TOTALLY obsessed with it for a while there…. (That is, until I picked up THIS BOOK, my new obsession….)

Anyway, I don’t need to tell you how CRAZY EXCITED I was when I heard the movie The Other Boleyn Girl was out on DVD, finally! I RRRRAN to the video store almost immediately, picked up THE LAST COPY, and frolicked home with it — hugging it closely, and saying “mmmyyy pressshhhuses” to passers-by, while drooling slime down rotting teeth……….

I love me some Gollum…. Reminds me of my MARGE!


Aside from the HOTT….



…Shall I go on…???




….Aside from all that HOTT, the movie was seriously disappointing. Seriously.

And, you know, it would take a lot for this movie to disappoint me — since I LOVE the subject matter and since all the actors are FAREAKING HOTT…. So, I was pretty shocked to find myself so disappointed.

“Why so disappointed?” you ask. Well. WHY? Why, why WHY would you mess with a good thing? The Other Boleyn girl was a BESTSELLING book. Women across the globe fell IN LOVE with this HOTT, passionate, fascinating, beautiful love story. And, then the movie goes and destroys it!? The movie goes and jumbles up the story and REDUCES THE BEST PART OF THE BOOK TO ONE WORD? That’s right, King Henry’s HOTT, BEAUTIFUL, HOTT courtship of Mary Boleyn, which lasts chapters and chapters in the book (and could have lasted chapter’s more as far as I’m concerned), is reduced to one word: “Tonight.”

So disappointing. It’s like omitting that whole “MAMAMIA MAMAMIA MAMAMIA LET ME GO” bit from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody…. THE BEST PART! Reduced. To one word. To-freaking-night.

The rest of the movie was filled with disappointments like this….

The book was a beautiful fictionalization of history, as true to its source as possible (according to Philippa Gregory). And, The movie was a ROTTEN fictionalization of the book — hardly true to it at all. (Jane Parker THE SOLE SOURCE of Anne’s arrest? WTF?) Why? When the history itself is so brilliant and blockbuster worthy?

The movie’s one saving grace (aside from the HOTT) is its ending. The last quarter of the movie is really well done. And, the very, very end sent chills up my spine….

I suppose I recommend it. It’s definitely an enjoyable rental — especially if you like period pieces like I do. But, I can’t tell you how AWFUL a rendition it is of this most wonderful book. And, it really is a sorry excuse for what could have been a beautiful tribute to the REMARKABLE story of Anne Boleyn.

I was supposed to take the night off tonight. And, God knows I need it. Who ever thought one would need a VACAY from blogging. It’s work, you know?

It’d just be nice sometimes to chill at night and do nothing. Watch TV. Read a book…. But, then, when I actually GIVE myself a night off — like tonight — I kind of want to write something….

Tonight, instead of writing, I could be chilling in bed with the new book I’m reading, thanks to FAB reader, MEL, who wouldn’t SHUT UP about it.

I usually don’t do what Oprah says…. But, there’s a lot of BUZZ about this book; so, as a yoga teacher and as a blogger (and, again, because MEL wouldn’t SHUT UP about it!), I thought I should check it.

…Aaaaaand, I’m loving it. It’s really well written, CLEARLY explains abstract concepts, and it makes a whole lot of sense on various levels (personal, philosophical, religious, political, ethical, etc., etc.). Cheaty HIGHLY recommends….

*UPDATE: Since writing this post, I’ve come to realize how important this book is. I am now a vegan and fully support this book (and PETA). The cover and feel of the book may be misleading, but they got the message out to the mainstream. And, they must have converted hundreds of people to veganism — saving thousands of animals. It is NOT okay to disrespect, violate and torture animals for a burger or a fancy latte. NOT okay.

**UPDATE: Again, I started eating vegan pretty much because of this book — and after I saw the infamous Meet Your Meat video. Since seeing that video, I haven’t been able to look at milk (even when my son drinks it) without thinking of the cows, of their calves. The least I can do in this case is give thanks (because it is not my choice to make my kids vegan – and that’s for another post). ANYWAY, Skinny Bitch is a great introduction to veganism, but the diet’s a little restrictive and relies too heavily on processed soy products, like meat substitutes — which I don’t think are healthy because of the isolated soy protein in them, and because they’re processed. And, the Skinny Bitch authors would agree. I’ve read interviews where they’ve said their diet and cookbooks are designed to help people transition smoothly into veganism.

I am so sick, Gorgeouses. Like, ewww.

But, I’ll be a’iight. Just sitting in my bed. Three pillows behind my back, a dosing wheezy rascal and a pile of used-up Kleenex by my side, and a humming humidifier giving us both a smidgen of relief.

I’m also so attractive right now? You don’t even KNOW. My hair’s pulled back in a sloppy bun. Nose is running, red from all the blowing (shut it, pervs — I’m in NO MOOD). Jaw is agape, lips dry and cracking from the dreaded mouth breathing. Eyes red with bags, and (speaking of bags) braless, in uggers oversized shirt. Doesn’t get more attractive than THAT, eh? (Did I just say “eh”?) I’d post a picture of myself, but I don’t want you to get all mad at me if your life is never the same again because of it….

Just like my life will never be the same since reading Skinny Bitch: A No-Nonsense, Tough-Love Guide for Savvy Girls Who Want to Stop Eating Crap and Start Looking Fabulous. (How was THAT for segue of the century!?)

Like any other unsuspecting girlie girl on the planet, I thought this was going to be a cute, light “chick” read. I mean, look at the cover! And…, the TITLE!

But, NOOoooOOOOooo! It was NOT. This was a DIATRIBE, Gorgeouses — a DARK DIATRIBE — against everyone from the USDA to the dairy and meat industries to what the authors call the “selfish whores who eat veal”! How am I supposed to look at my meat-eating husband again, or even FEED my monkeys, if I’m going to buy everything they say in this book — let alone consume ANYTHING with ANY TRACE of animal product in it WHATSOEVER?

I’m telling you: if I don’t put this book down NOW, it’s liable to hurl me headfirst into the ABYSS OF INSANITY (which, as you probably suspect by now, I’m already on the edge of)!

Sigh, anyway, while it’s good that the book opened my eyes even wider to the HORRORS that occur in the slaughterhouses, it sucks that I can’t STOP THEM. The only thing I can do is, once and for all, to turn completely vegetarian.

Even vegetarian is no good, though, for authors Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin (no wonder they’re bitchy!). They want the world to go VEGAN. And, I’ve been toying with the idea because the authors are MEAN (“bitchy”?)!

But, I can’t live life without cheese. And, since Skinny Bitch says that the dairy industry is just as evil as the meat industry, I’ve decided I will spend my life savings on ORGANIC dairy and eggs from here on in. And, now I’ll SHUT THE DAMN BOOK FOREVER. (If I don’t, I’m liable to give up everything sweet in life: I actually had a decaf green tea instead of my beloved Starbucks Grande Soy No-Wather Tazo Chai Latte yesterday, BECAUSE THEY SAID SO, and my day sucked.)

My one saving grace right now is that I hear the Skinny Bitches are in cahoots with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) — a CUTTHROAT animal activist organization. It’s a very one-sided diatribe, that Skinny Bitch. And, I’ve heard some TERRIBLE, HYPOCRITICAL things about PETA (*edit: I have no idea where these stories came from, nor do I believe they’re true) lately, which I hope aren’t true because that would disturb me almost as much as the horrific slaughterhouse stories I’ve spent my weekend crying over.

Am I rambling? I think I’m rambling. Maybe time to check the feeeeeever again….

Sigh…. At least the animals in MY house are happy — one thing I CAN control….

I went downstairs THREE times today. Twice for orange juice and tea with honey, and once for something Skinny Bitch would HANG me for — starts with “coo” and ends with “kies.” Anyway, this is what I saw:

First trip downstairs:

Second trip downstairs:

Third trip downstairs:

My poor, poor brown sweater…!

As for Skinny Bitch…. While I pledge to do my part in fighting animal cruelty in the slaughterhouses and helping to save the environment (important causes for ME) by going vegetarian* and by supporting the organic farm companies,** CHEATY DOES NOT RECOMMEND SKINNY BITCH (EDIT: Cheaty now recommends it, with the caveats in the updates above). It’s dangerous, potentially eating-disorder promoting, and it’s just plain darkly and horrifically far from what it presents itself to be.

*Alas, I cannot impose vegetarianism on my children. I WILL cook organic poultry and fish (sticks) for them.

**Alas, I WILL give up chai teas during the week so that I can buy organic foodstuff without denting my “pocketbook” (does ANYONE say “pocketbook” anymore?). Decaf green tea will take some getting used to, and maybe a few bad-mood posts here for a while, but it’s for a good cause and, me-hears, a very healthy alternative.