Look how sweet he is! And he just wants to help! Got a little one who’s afraid at night? You need NORBERT THE NIGHTMARE NIBBLER!

One of the reasons I love Norbert is because he was conceived (a labour of love!) by a really lovely Canadian mom, Susan Smith, whose son was having some bad nightmares: “My son, Sam, was having a lot of problems with nightmares and I struggled to figure out how to help him cope with them. Not only was his sleep being disturbed, but mine and my husband’s as well!”

To help her son, Susan took matters into her own hands and decided to create a loveable monster who would ease her son’s fears and help all of them get some sleep.

Hence, the adorable Norbert was born! And his job? TO NIBBLE AWAY YOUR KID’S NIGHTMARES.

Does he do it? YES he does. I’m pleased to report that my own children were soothed by the mere presence of Norbert in their rooms.

How can you get one? Just go to the online Nibbler store where he’s available exclusively, and you can purchase him for $24.95 (plus shipping/taxes). Norbert is available across North America.


Approx. 12” from top to toe
100% Polyester Fibers
Plastic Pellets
No removable parts
Embroidered features
Made in China
Double Fold, Fully Bilingual Hang Tag—featuring the Nightmare Nibbler Poem
CPSIA Compliant
Green Parents’ List Approved
Recommended age: 3+

Sweet dreams!

xo Haley-O

Disclaimer: My children were both given a complimentary Norbert to enjoy.