Note: If you think you’ve seen this post before, you’re not going crazy — you HAVE seen it! I moved it here from the Cheaty Monkey main blog at the request of my sponsors.

I have VLOGS for you today — from out here in Farm Country, Canada. This is part of the MOMCENTRAL “Flip for the Holidays” tour, and goes along with our FLIP CAMCORDER GIVEAWAY (and more video) over at Cheaty Goodies. I’m taking a week’s holiday from blogging (I think), so these should keep you entertained ’til I get back, I hope!

I apologize in advance for calling FLIP camcorder a “phone” a lot…. ENJOY!

Here’s Rascal and I singing some merry tunes….

AND, here’s Rascal and I going for a walk down the farm path, talking about the contest, about MOOOOO, the holidays, and about my frozen brain. I apologize for the Blair-Witch-Project type filmage in this one…and the holiday chin zit….OKAY, OKAY, roll it!

AND, here’s Minden and I (and my zit) singing a jolly holiday tune. We’d JUST gotten the video camera that night, so it wasn’t charged yet and so the video ends abruptly, alas.

Now, Canadian Gorgeouses, go enter the FLIP contest! Hope you win! Good luck! (To my International Gorgeouses, I’ll try to organize a giveaway for you, too, SOON!)

And, Happy Holidays TO ALL!

P.S.: Many thanks to MomCentral for the video camera and for hosting this great giveaway!


xo Haley-O