It’s hard for me to keep up with four Cheaty Blogs, as you can see by the scarcity of Recommendations on this blog! So, when I do recommend something here, you have to know it’s GOOD — if I’m taking the time to actually post it!

Today, I want to recommend the best natural foundation on the market these days. Of course, it’s by my favourite company in the world — the ONLY company I trust with my skin — Pure and Simple.

What’s particularly awesome about their new line of foundations, “Flawless Complexion,” is that the foundation not only offers superb coverage, but also nourishes, protects and hydrates the skin. It is the perfect addition to my growing collection of Pure and Simple anti-aging concoctions.


Because I’m so fair skinned, I use the Biscotti shade. At first, I was alarmed at how dark looked in the container! But, Kristen assured me that it was the right colour for me. And she was right. The foundation is so transparent that it matches my skin perfectly when I apply it. It gives me a slightly tanned appearance — without contrasting with my neck, amazingly enough. Hard to explain why that is. Basically, it gives me a healthy, natural looking boost of colour! A GLOW!

So, if you’re looking for a totally natural foundation — that’s good for your skin and, of course, the earth — I’m confident that this is your best bet.

You can purchase this item at any of the various Pure and Simple locations. If you live outside Toronto or Oakville, you can absolutely purchase it ONLINE at pureandsimple.ca. Your skin will totally thank you. And people will tell you your skin is GORJ and that you look SO YOUNG all the time!

Disclosure: I was not paid or asked to write this recommendation. Earlier this year, I was given a very small sample of it to test because I’m a brand ambassador for the company. I’ve been using the product ever since (I buy my own). As a brand ambassador, I’m given complementary monthly facials — BUT I’d never get a facial ANYWHERE but at Pure and Simple! I started representing this company years ago by my own volition because they’re the real thing and I truly love them. Cheaty HIGHLY RECOMMENDS!