I am so not kidding. Josh-O and I rented this movie after I decided THIS TRAILER was hilarious. Check it:

Well, the introductions/exorcist part was HILARIOUS, and the rest of it was cute and feel-good, so WHY NOT!? So, we rented it. And it didn’t disappoint. Mainly because there were SEVERAL name introductions throughout the movie, and I laughed hysterically every time.

“Hi! I’m Haley!” “*HA-LEY*!” Hahahahahahhhaaahahaha!! Fun-ny!

Anyway, I’m not going to do an elaborate review of this movie. The trailer really does say it all. But, I thoroughly enjoyed this. I mean, KAT DENNINGS from Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is in it. She’s the one in the purple shirt….

And, yes, that’s Rumor Willis at the end in the “Bedazzler“ed back brace…. She actually looks really pretty in the movie. Oh, and Katherine McPhee from American Idol fame — she’s the gorj preggers one in the middle! You may recognize the redhead beside Katherine, Emma Stone, from Superbad, too; I loved her! OH OH OH, and Tom Hanks’ son Colin Hanks. And, of course, Anna Faris — “*AN-NA FA-RIS*” — was the fab star of the flick. I’ve never been a fan of hers, but I AM NOW! She was hilarious.

Anyway, great cast, funny funny, cute story, good message, perfect rental. Cheaty RECOMMENDS!