I think you know me by now, Gorgeouses. I’m a little intense. I have a lot of causes I believe in and fight for and think about on a constant basis. Most of my causes are environmental. Of course, as a mother, I’m passionate about children’s causes, as well. But, to me, healing the environment, defending wildlife, and changing the process in which our “meat” arrives on our plates is all about our children — is a children’s cause. I take colder showers than I used to for the environment for the children, I spend more money than I have on organic foods for the environment for the children, and I give to reputable charities to help heal the environment so our children have a bright future here. This is EVERYTHING to me.

Of course, there’s only so much money I can give — being a stay-at-home mom with little time to truly get out there to promote a small business. So, I write letters in support of animal causes, and I eat a vegan diet, and you know, colder showers, and so on and so on…. You’ve heard it all before.

Needless to say, I was ELATED to receive a gift certificate to CanadaHelps.org. And, I’m so excited to check out the charities and DONATE! Here’s a little blurb about what/who they are:

December 31st 2008 is approaching fast, so this may be your last chance to reduce your 2008 taxes with a charitable donation. With the help of CanadaHelps, you can…

1) Find a cause you’re passionate about from the 83,000 registered charities in Canada…
2) Easily divide your donation between more than one charity…
3) Make a donation via credit card, gift card or even stocks and mutual funds…
4) Get a tax receipt emailed to you immediately….

CanadaHelps (www.canadahelps.org) is a charity that helps charities. The reliable one-stop website fosters giving by making it easy for donors to find Canadian charities and make a donation online.

Just to clarify…, CanadaHelps is available year-round, but they want to get the word out now that, if you want a tax break this year, let them help you make your charitable donations quick and easy — in time for the December 31st deadline.

I think this is a real find for Canadian Gorgeouses! So, check it out, and tell your friends. And, guess what, if you leave a comment (below) about a cause you’re passionate about, you will automatically have a chance to win a $25 CanadaHelps gift card! (The winner will be random, of course — I’ll have the Monkey pick a number or something.)

Thanks, Gorgeouses! And, I’m eager to hear what your causes are….


xo Haley-O

Update: Congratulations to Marie-Christine! And, thanks everyone for participating!