Omigosh, Gorgeouses. I loved this movie. How come nobody told me to get off mine arse and rent it? Why? It’s SO my type of movie.

It’s my type of movie for lots of reasons. First, I love a good movie musical — can’t go wrong with that. Second, Beatles music — can’t go wrong with that. Third, great story of the turbulent 60′s, war, love, art — canNOT go wrong with that! Fourth, Bono and Salma Hayek special cameos — can’t go wrong with that! Fifth? James Sturgess….

James fareakin’ Sturgess. I can’t believe I have the hots for James Sturgess. The very man I thought was SO NOT CUTE as Anne’s brother George in The Other Boleyn Girl.

No, I was not into him then….

But, THEN, last week, I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM as we watched him in 21 (which Cheaty also recommends, by the way).

Mmmmmmm…. Here’s another and another….

Cheaty is now salivating…, FYI. Sigh….

On a serious note, I was particularly gripped by the movie’s representation of the youth in 1960′s America — those drafted, as well as those fighting back at home in the anti-war movement.

Young, spirited boys sent to their doom, objectified and ruined. Thrust from a world of innocence, modern comfort and order into one of death, savage danger and chaos.

The movie just REALLY got to the heart of the draft — the EMOTIONS associated with it, the utter tragedy of it ALL. This deeply saddened me.

I think of the soldiers in Iraq and their families….

The sheer BEAUTY of the movie, though, inspired beyond and lifted spirits.

Cheaty highly recommends. And not only because she broke out into song not once. Blackbird singing in the dead of night….

Let us know how YOU like(d) it in the comments.

Peace & Love,