I was supposed to take the night off tonight. And, God knows I need it. Who ever thought one would need a VACAY from blogging. It’s work, you know?

It’d just be nice sometimes to chill at night and do nothing. Watch TV. Read a book…. But, then, when I actually GIVE myself a night off — like tonight — I kind of want to write something….

Tonight, instead of writing, I could be chilling in bed with the new book I’m reading, thanks to FAB reader, MEL, who wouldn’t SHUT UP about it.

I usually don’t do what Oprah says…. But, there’s a lot of BUZZ about this book; so, as a yoga teacher and as a blogger (and, again, because MEL wouldn’t SHUT UP about it!), I thought I should check it.

…Aaaaaand, I’m loving it. It’s really well written, CLEARLY explains abstract concepts, and it makes a whole lot of sense on various levels (personal, philosophical, religious, political, ethical, etc., etc.). Cheaty HIGHLY recommends….