What is this blog? What do you write here?

Believe it or not, I get this question a lot. This blog is a place where I write anything and everything — from what I’m up to with the Monkeys, to my diet and exercise routines, to rants, raves, CATS, anything. It’s like a public journal, basically. I’m an open book, what can I say…. And, by the way? If you see me on the street or something, and you know what I’m up to BECAUSE OF MY BLOG? It’s okay. I know you’re not a stalker. I know you’re not obsessed with me. And, I love it when you read (and would love it a lot if you would comment). So, you don’t have to turn red and look down and bite your lip when you tell me you read this blog. It’s here for you — for you to relate to, for you to laugh with (and, okay, to laugh at), and for you to enjoy.

Why don’t you post pictures of your children’s faces?

I’ve written a lot about this, actually. I think the answer’s pretty obvious: I don’t want their pictures to end up on a creepy person’s fireplace mantle. Seriously, I have a tendency toward irrational thoughts and anxieties. I don’t need any triggers, if I can help it. Having their faces on the internet makes me anxious. Also, I want to honour their privacy. It’s up to them if they want their faces here. Right now, they’re too young to know what they want! So. In a nutshell: this is my blog, not theirs. The only person’s face I (believe I) have a right to show is mine and those of consenting adults or KITTY CATS!

I contacted you using your CONTACT page, and I never heard from you — WTF?

This is a really important question. I make it my goal to respond to every inquiry. That doesn’t always happen for two reasons. 1) The CONTACT FORM doesn’t get the message to me for whatever technical reason — this has happened more times than I like to think about. 2) I simply didn’t have time, and I accidentally deleted your email. If I haven’t responded to your question within 2 weeks, please do try the contact form again, or let me know that you’ve contacted me by tweeting me. OR…. Just email me directly at: haleyonline[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

Do people pay you to write recommendations on your Cheaty Recommends site?

Nope, not paid. But, I ALWAYS try a product before I recommend it. So, I do get a lot of free stuff. If I don’t like the product, though, I don’t recommend it.

Is Cheaty Kitchen a preachy vegan blog?

Long-time readers of this blog have definitely witnessed a change in me. I’ve become a bit more serious. Especially when it comes to animals and the environment. It’s like I woke up one day and had this cause — this very pressing, urgent cause. I’m very careful not to “preach” on this blog or elsewhere, though. My goal is not to preach but to bring awareness when it’s appropriate. I don’t pressure people to go vegan. That’s an individual choice. Of course, I’m more than happy to help you if you do decide to adopt a vegan/vegetarian diet. Love….

Is the art at Kids Deserve Art painted by YOU? And, do you sell to the US?

Nope! I do paint, but I haven’t had time in a LONG TIME to produce enough to sell. So, I satisfy my cravings for art and the artist’s life by supporting and promoting the wonderful art of other artists around Canada. And, yes, I have a lot of happy customers in the US.

To be continued…. Got a question you want to see answered here? Please CONTACT ME!