Hi Gorgeouses! This has to be the quickest blog update ever because I’m in the middle of watching Hall Pass with Josh-O at the cottage, and I didn’t want to forget to loop you all in on everything that’s going on.

Last week was basically the most insane week ever. And if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, or if you’re a regular reader of my Today’s Parent celebrity news blog, Celebrity Candy, then you pretty-much know most of this already. But here’s the basic roundup:

Last Sunday I went to New York again for another overnight trip to meet and interview a celebrity mom for Today’s Parent. This time it was Alyson Hannigan! Long time Gorgeouses will know how very dear WILLOW is to my heart, so this was incredible….

Check out the great interview HERE! I even got to say “This one time? At band camp?” to her! It was definitely a highlight of my life…. Hee!

Then, just as I’m finally starting to recuperate from Monday’s trip, yesterday (Friday) was CRAZY! The Canadian entertainment news show ETALK came to interview moi about celebrity secrets for post-baby weight loss….

My amazing and thoughtful General Manager Elana Schachter and my totally awesome NEW MANAGING EDITOR Nadine Silverthorne insisted that I get hair and makeup done so that I’d feel my best (verklempt, right?). So here’s me getting my makeup done in the Rogers offices by the sparkly and fabulous Elise Tremblay (closeup pics of that to come – I forgot my USB chord at home!)….

Here’s me apparently bending forward unflatteringly (!) while talking to eTalk….

Eeep! I hate to share this photo because, aside from Elise’s fab hairstyling, I look horrid, but it gives you a good idea of the environment I was working in, i.e., pretty scary at Today’s Parent/Flare/Chatelaine/Hello Canada Magazine reception area with camera in face — but the wonderful eTalk producer Heather Lin (above) was wonderful at making me feel relatively at ease (as were Nadine and our PR guru Hazel Picco).

So the episode of eTalk airs TUESDAY (July 26), 7pm, CTV. You can also catch it on channel 63 (in Toronto), at 6pm and 11pm. I’ll keep you posted on any changes on Twitter.

Gosh, I hope I look okay on TV and that I don’t twitch or anything!

SO THEN! After I finish the interview, I’m in the middle of writing an article due yesterday, and I get a phone call. Apparently I’m interviewing JESSICA ALBA. She’s going to call me on the phone in a few hours.

So I spend the rest of the day scrambling to organize a blurb about it for Today’s Parent Magazine ASAP (huge thanks to the print team and Nadine for making THAT happen!), devising questions for Jessica, catching my breath…. The interview itself was great. She’s very sweet and real and had lots of useful things to say about motherhood and balance, and I can’t wait to share (next week on Celebrity Candy).

So how was your week, Gorgeouses?


xo Haley-O

eTalk photos c/o Nadine Silverthorne | Photo of Jessica Alba c/o Georges Biard

The husband was away. I wrote two articles this week. Nine or so celebrity blog posts. Interviewed another celebrity last week. Went to another event today. Haven’t been to yoga. Haven’t been eating well. Haven’t been going to bed at reasonable hours. The Rascal graduated from preschool twice. The Monkey graduated from morning school, had a dance recital, a theatre performance, a park party, school cookout and has another graduation Friday. I apply a bottle of sunscreen a week to myself and my squirmy children. We’ve lost two hats and three pairs of shoes.

So I’m not going to write anything today. Today we’ll just chat. Grab some ice water. I hear it’s not very good for your kidneys to drink ice water, or your digestion, but it’s hot in here. So go grab a glass. Maybe squeeze some lemon in it — I need to cleanse. And I’ll share some pics from the last while. Because, as far as writing is concerned? I don’t have a word left in me. That, and I’m seeing doubles trying to keep up with my personal email, work email, my Twitter, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook, blackberry, macbook, work computer and now the new PlayBook that Best Buy kindly gave me because, among other things, I really needed another gadget to check things on, and the Rascal really needs another thing to YEARN and throw window-breaking-loud tantrums about.

What’s the deal with boys and games, anyway? He’s been begging for an “iPot” since he was two. Poor guy NEVER gets to play because I’d rather see him do low-tech things, like colouring or kicking a ball. But, yes, he does enjoy the “finger slide,” whenever he gets the chance, every now and then. But he does think my new PlayBook is for him.

Anyway, how’s that ice water. Mine’s great. Gulp gulp. So here are some pics from some of the last week or so since I’ve blogged, you know, since I’m flat out of words. So, Gorgeouses, checkit….

Rascal, the reality TV star!

For the full scoop on the Rascal, Tori Spelling, the kids and my interview with Dean McDermott (and, come on, Dean haters, everyone makes mistakes — he was LOVELY), go to Celebrity Candy. Grab some vegan candy, enjoy the story, and I’ll wait right here….

What’d you think of those pics! My hair. I know. It was WINDY. I have since rediscovered my hairbrush. The barrage of complements I got on my freshly brushed hair today have incentivized me (I know that’s not a word) to use a brush more regularly.

Get your minds out of the gutter, Gorgeouses, IT’S A FISHING ROD WITH A FISH ON IT. The Rascal asked me to hold it while he enjoyed his organic lollipop.


Look out for our Rascal (and me!?) on the next season of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Ha!

The cottage.

I’m going to go get more ice water. While I’m gone, check out these pics from the cottage last weekend. I feel really lucky that my parents let us use the place like it’s our own…. We don’t hold back….


Tomorrow I’m meeting with Warren Kramer for a private macrobiotics counseling session. I’ve fallen off too many wagons lately, and I’m feeling it! My friend Alice would say I’m too yang. Way too yang. My yoga teacher David would say, “Don’t let the vrittis win.” They won. I can’t bring myself to go back to yoga now that Josh is back in town…. I’m just exhausted. So I’m hoping Warren will give me a nice, cushy, energizing, happifying wagon to stay on long term. We’ll see.


xo Haley-O

Photos of Tori, Dean and the kids: Haley Overland/TODAYSPARENT.COM


Aside from feeling “nudged” (which is a Jewish term for wanting to eat even though you’re not hungry), I feel great. And it all started last Thursday.

I’d been meaning to prepare you for the event. But I didn’t get around to it, and I didn’t want to think about it. Which is also why I didn’t crash diet for it — and I totally meant to and I totally should have. Instead I think I ate more, and chugged at least a chai a day to numb myself to what was to come….

Yeah, you know those layouts in magazines where they have a girl in tight clothes demonstrating workout moves? You know the ones. Usually the girl is really svelte with nary a nugget of flab. Well, Today’s Parent Magazine selected moi for such a role.  And I agreed.

The thing is, not only did I agree to do a layout, but I also agreed to do the VIDEO for TodaysParent.com. And, apparently, there is no airbrushing a video. And that “slimming lense” that Andrew Dunlop, our web editor and video master, told me he’d use for the shoot? Doesn’t in fact exist. Aaaaaandrew!

That’s Andrew. I snapped that shot when we got to The Shopping Channel headquarters, which was where the photo and video shoots took place. Why there, you ask? Because that was where the guy who was going to show me the MOVES was advertising his new products: Harley Pasternak.

You may have read about him in the gossip mags, when the stars talk about their diet and exercise regimes, because he’s worked with most of them. His insane list of his star clients includes the likes of Halle Berry, Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox, Jason Segel, Kate Beckinsale, Robert Downy Jr., Jennifer Hudson, Paul Rudd (my new crush), Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson….

…and now me!

Here’s Harley and me posing for my blog….

I really shouldn’t smile in pictures. Not only does my fake front tooth look horrid (I’m getting the bridge in just a few weeks woohoo!), but my cheeks balloon out like my 5-year-old’s….

See, here’s a picture of me not smiling (granted a little distorted, but you can still see the difference)….

Got my hair and makeup did by the gorj Michelle Rosen and sweet outfit styled by the gorj Vanessa Taylor.

And please don’t get all “Haley, you look AMAZING” on me because even I can say I look slimmish in this photo. But there’s a sizable leftover-pregnancy pot that you can’t really see in that photo for some reason. You’ll see it in the video (trust me — it’s going to be SO embarrassing), and possibly even in the photos.

Anyway, that photo was shot in my GREEN ROOM. I had my very own green room right next to Harley Pasternak’s green room. Which turned out to be a bit of a problem because — look at my green room door….

“Haley” looks a lot like “Harley.” So I may or may not have — okay I did! I did! — walked into Harley Pasternak’s green room instead of mine. And that’s how he and I met for the first time. Awkward. Very. Very awkward: “Hi, H-H-H-Harley! I’m H-H-H-Haley. Oops. Heh. I’m actually interviewing you later and doing that whole workout thing with you. See I walked in here because my name’s ‘Haley’? Kind of looks like ‘Harley,’ you know? Don’t you think? Okay thanx bai.”

I returned to his green room a little later to interview him about fitness and celebs and why I can’t seem to lose weight — he’s not into my yoga or my veganism — and it was cool and relaxed. I got lots of goods.

And so now here’s the thing. When I left, I promised Harley that I’d get on this and do his program: I’d do his 25 minute workout DVD with the “Harley Bar” (both of which I received care of The Shopping Channel) 5 times a week, and I’d eat 5 times a day — as per his 5-factor program — and, finally, that I’d lose 25 pounds, to which he replied, “Don’t put a number on it.” Okay no number.

But, see, here’s the thing: not only did I make this promise to Harley Pasternak, but I’ve made it BIG TIME to Today’s Parent Magazine. In the November Issue of Today’s Parent, you will see a finally FIT and HEALTHY me…. It’s set in stone in the editorial calendar. And we’re shooting my “AFTER” PHOTO in April.

So it’s officially ON. For years now, you’ve been hearing about my dieting trials and tribulations. And enough is enough. I mean, when I got a new boss a few months ago, I felt compelled to tell her I wasn’t pregnant so she wouldn’t wonder about it. And that’s just not okay. Not okay. I’m tired of looking pregnant. Yes, my pregnancies were emotionally and physically traumatizing. But it’s time to shed it all and move on.

The training has begun. I’m still doing my daily Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga (it is NOT EASY, Harley) and eating vegan. But I’ve added a few more healthy meals in there — which is doing wonders for my apparent hyperglycemia — and Harley’s 25-minute 5-factor workout DVDs. Apparently, even Lady Gaga (another one of Harley’s star clients) works out for 25 minutes, 5 days a week (unless she happens to have extra time on her hands). You’d think these celebs worked out for hours. But Harley says no.

I think that’s all for now because, man, I’m writing a book here. But I will say this: Jennifer Hudson has Weight Watchers (and Harley Pasternak) behind her, and look at her! And now, very thankfully, I have Today’s Parent behind me. And maybe that’s what it’ll take to DO THIS THING. An “after” picture in a magazine: now that’s motivation! *Shivers.* I think it’s ON, Gorgeouses! Yes, it’s ON!

So, your turn. Want to join me? I WILL post your before and after photo right here if you want it…. Do it do it!


xo Haley-O

Photo source

I’ve been interviewed over at the Canadian Weblog Awards website! And you know what? I totally talk about YOU. I talk all about how much I love you and how much you drive me and support me and make me want to be a better writer.

Pretend I’m holding the award badges in hand and that they say “BEST READER” on them and I’m reaching them way out to you beyond this screen…. Here:

2010 Canadian Weblog Awards 2010 Canadian Weblog Awards

FOR YOU. And YOU, YOU, YOU and YOU. And YOU. All six of you. Heh. Well, there are more than six of you. A lot more than six of you — that’s what happens when you’ve been blogging for 5 years and have such awesome, supportive readers.

In addition to the badges, I give you Very Unflattering Pictures of me skating on the frozen lake last weekend….

I haven’t skated in 20+ years, okay?

I’m not sure why my hands are out like that. I mean, I’m trying to balance, but I actually look like I’m trying to fly. Maybe I am trying to fly. Who really knows? And, I’m telling you, all the photos are like that….

My 3-year-old nephew (above) is a better skater than I am. He doesn’t need WINGS. He also happens to be very TALL…. *Cough.*

Also. That jacket. It’s over 5 years old. It’s survived 2 pregnancies. The zipper is broken.

And how about those SKATES? (Unsolicited advice: Don’t try to figure out what’s going on up there with my scarf/hat….)

And, of course…, BETTY WHITE (you may have to squint your eyes to see her below)….

I think I told you she follows me EVERYWHERE, didn’t I?

Wait?! WHY are you still here? Go read the interview! I hope you enjoy it — because you’re awesome and I love you. (I also love Schmutzie for asking really fun questions and making me look like a rockstah! I was NOT going to send her that picture!)


xo Haley-O

I can’t come to the computer right now because……..


While my cat is sitting on my computer (actually, it’s Josh’s computer, and that picture was taken last week), I’m here beaming ear to ear and over the moon because this blog — my baby, my Cheaty Little Monkey — has won two Canadian Weblog Awards.

FIRST PLACE for Best Life Blog!

2010 Canadian Weblog Awards

Third place for Best Written Blog!

2010 Canadian Weblog Awards

I’m honoured, grateful and verklempt, of course. And all the other winners are amazing. So go check them out. There are of course so many other awesome blogs out there — please find my personal favourites in my links.

When the awards were announced New Year’s Eve, shortly before the clock struck twelve, I may or may not have done actual somersaults, possibly a full back flip, and lots of rolling around kicking my legs up in the air on the living-room floor in front of our little New Year’s party. Josh, my sister and her husband were very confused when I broke out of nowhere into all that gymnastics and “OMG OMG OMG”s. Half a glass of wine does do funny things to me, but still.

What a way to start the new year.

When I learned I was a finalist a few weeks ago, I started thinking about this blog in a different way. Like it was an entity separate from me — breathing and expanding and contracting on its own while I went about my day. There it stood, more poised than I could ever be, as the jury read it, judged it, graded it. I’m proud of Cheaty Monkey…. And I’m very grateful for everything “she”‘s given me. Seriously.

Sighh. I’d love to stay and chat (believe me), but I really shouldn’t be at my computer writing about life right now. I should be enjoying this brand new cottage with my extended family before we head back to the city.

I also have a Betty White to bark “COME. HERE. NOW.” at — before she gets eaten by a wolf or black bear, or before she dares step dainty paw on the (cracking) ice that’s coating our beautiful lake. I better go…!

Mind you, OMG!, someone’s SKATING by our cottage right NOW. CRAZY! CRAZY! LOOOOK (bottom right)!

It was the best picture I could get, bygones. That person is…CRAZY! And now I can’t even hear my thoughts because the 6 dogs who are here with us are barking at him.

Happy New Year, Gorgeouses! Thank you, as always, for being here.


xo Haley-O

In all my 30+ years…. Wait.

It’s literally taken me all evening to actually sit down and write something. I get FIVE words on the page and then, excuse me? Josh-O wants to have a conversation? I DON’T THINK SO. And, now I need some apricots because today was, like, the hardest day of my 21-day cleanse, and this is the closest I’m getting to CANDY.

Just wait till I do Kathy Freston’s NEW cleanse…. Let’s hope she doesn’t send me that advanced copy anytime soon….

In the meantime, I’m going to go procrastinate some more. I need kisses…. Kittie kisses. Back in a minute…. Yawning, or hissing? Discuss:

Okay, I’ve done just about everything I can to avoid writing this post: ate an apple (better choice than an apricot), took pictures of perfect cat, loaded pictures of cat and posted picture of cat YAWNING, and, now, I should explain THAT I AM NOT AFRAID OF OVER-POSTING CAT PICTURES for those of you who are new here — and because I’m a finalist at the 2009 Bloggies (did you vote?!) there are many of you, WHICH is partly why I’m having trouble getting down to the writing of this thing because HOLY EYES ON ME! Tap tap tap! Hi. Hello everyone. I’m just a wee blogger, really. Not used to this spotlight. It’s bright. My eyes hurt. Shy. But, still, I have to just keep reminding myself that I do this for ME. Which is why I’ll post this picture….

And, this….

Because there’s nothing like an empty bucket of play-dough stuffs to brighten up another freaking freezing afternoon indoors (like, so freaking freezing that an old lady yelled at me for taking my monkeys to the store, and we all know I am not ageist).

Speaking of freezing (and AWESOME segues), did BRAD CARLTON DIE in that ice on today’s episode of The Young and the Restless? And, WTF?

…And just after he professed his undying love to Sharon and saved her son’s life at the expense of HIS OWN. Can it be? And, will he be just alive enough tomorrow to have a few, breathless, last words with which to traumatize Sharon forever?

Why? Why does he have to go? He was my favourite Jewish boy in a soap opera EVER. Which actually doesn’t say THAT much because I can’t think of any other Jewish boys in a soap opera…. Can you? I need a new one now that Don Diamont is gone. GONE! Or, almost gone. Not sure yet. They left us hanging. BUT, a metaphorical lantern went out. LANTERN. OUT. SNUFFED. Too soon. So….

He is leaving the show for sure. Here’s the scoop according to MSNBC:

For all but one of the last 24 years, Carlton — a onetime Navy Seal and a secret Nazi hunter — has been a character on “The Young & The Restless,” the daytime ratings champ for the last two decades.

But Carlton, played by Don Diamont, and three other prominent characters on the CBS show have been axed as part of the severe retrenchment seizing daytime soaps — one of TV’s oldest formats, its quintessential advertising vehicle, and the birthplace of product placement.

The other three rumoured to be leaving the show are Vail Bloom (Heather), Chris Engen (Adam) and Michael Gross (River). I won’t be sorry to see any of them go. 24 years, Gorgeouses, 24 years. 24 years and they give Don Diamont the axe. I’m so sad!

But, I’m okay. Sniff. No. No. I’m okay. Thanks. Hugs. All I need to do to get happy and laugh HYSTERICALLY again is think of Greg the Rabbit on the American Idol (*wait…saving this post now because have NO IDEA what have written so far so could never EVER rewrite this GOLD. heh.*) Salt Lake City Auditions. Unfortunately, this vid is TRÈS poor quality, but WELL worth the eye strain — especially if you haven’t seen this. Trust me. (P.S.: I love it when he “hops” into the audition and when he starts bopping behind his friend and when he hugs Simon…. You’ll see you’ll see!!)

It still makes me cry laughing. As did 30 Rock and The Office tonight. Love….

This post is dedicated to Don Diamont. Here’s to 24 YEARS! *SOB*

xo Haley-O

First thing’s first…. HUH? I mean, what the…? Who? How? ME? Are you SERIOUS? Are they SERIOUS? I DEMAND A RECOUNT!

Gorgeouses! I am one of five finalists up for a BLOGGIE award for BEST CANADIAN BLOG! This may be the shock of the century. For everyone….

I should be acting a little more confident. Like, “Heyyy everyone, I’m nominated for a Bloggie award. no biggie. go vote, yo.” But, this is a blog. And, I do try to be as transparent as possible here and in real life. So, Gorgeouses, BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUSES, I’m totally FREAKED out by this! Amazed! Shocked. Still shaking. Is that too much? Are you getting a little turned off? Sorry. It’s just that I’m writing this AND I’m watching LOST — like, at the same time — and so I’m half freaked out about the Bloggies and I’m half freaked out about LOST and the time-traveling and Ben’s creepy eyes (LOVE) and Sawyer’s new pudge (which would be fine and cute, except that, like, when do they EAT on that island?).

Anyway, check it….

Weeee! Look at me! I am in GOOD company. These bloggers are so talented. It is BEYOND an honour to be a finalist among them. If you decide to vote for me, THANK YOU!

Thank you to all who nominated me! I really had NO IDEA!

Oh, blerg. I just lost the second half of my post. So, forgives if this next bit seems rushed. I just really have to pass out from all this excitement…. Let’s see if I can write it again…. Grrr….

I’m loving lists this week, so here’s a list of things I’m doing to stick to my caffeine- and sugar-free 21-day cleanse and maybe even enjoy it. CHECK IT:

1. ORANGE JUICE. I know, orange juice is usually a diet no-no because it’s PRACTICALLY sugar. But, PRACTICALLY is the operative word here. Since it’s not ACTUALLY sugar, I can drink it. I have a little in the morning, and it completely curbs my chai latte cravings (of course, that is even more of a miracle than me being a bloggie finalist)….

2. DESSERT SMOOTHIE. I’ve been having my smoothies in the evening now because they totally cut my nighttime cravings. I blend up some rice milk, hemp protein powder, spinach (I KNOW, yum), frozen blueberries, frozen banana, my omega 3 oil potion, and sometimes some acai berry puree. I know, it’s probably a lot of calories in the evening. But, it’s better than eating a ramekin of almond butter and vegan chocolate syrup (did I just say that? I did. I embarrass myself)….

Seriously? I think someone stole me and replaced me with a health nut…. WTF?

And, speaking of nuts….

3. NUTS. I love nuts. (Get thine head out of the gutter!) When mid-afternoon hunger hits, who really needs that Snickers bar when you can just have NUTS. Cashews are my fave…. A small handful is all you need. Maybe have a fruit with them. They’re very grounding…. Ohhhmmm.

4. NEVER GO HUNGRY. Basically, eat whenever you’re hungry. And, since there’s really nothing you can eat — I mean, what DOESN’T have sugar, caffeine, meat, eggs or dairy in it — you’ll start to find that mandarin oranges and red delicious apples taste really freaking yummy. I think they call it re-training your taste buds. I’m totally doing that right now. It rawks. Anyway, whenever you get hungry, grab a wholefood. I forget who said this, but “hunger is the best seasoning.”

5. TAKE IT EASY. I’d love to add 30 minutes of exercise a day to this cleanse, but I decided it was too much. I need to focus on one thing at a time. And, for now, it’s the diet. It’s figuring out how to eat healthy, and how to manage my emotions without food…. Besides, I’m afraid I’m going to get too hungry if I exercise. So, it can wait. I do have so much more energy now, though — so I’m automatically more active. And, of course, yoga is a must….

I know I said there were two things. But, I just thought of a third. And, it’s très important. It’s Rascal trying to feed the cat (Tigger) her kibble…!

I can’t handle the cuteness…. He’s still up every 2 hours at night (LORD HELP ME I AM TIRED). But, look at him. He can get away with anything…. And, he knows it….

Thanks again for the nominations, Gorgeouses. Really, I am blown away….

xo Haley-O

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