I have resolutions. As most of you know, I’m ALWAYS making resolutions, so you can’t be THAT surprised to see that my first post in ALMOST a week (I couldn’t hold out for the whole week…) is a long list of resolutions. Because, as you will see from this list, I resolve to be PERFECT in 2010. Yes, PERFECT. And, you know what, Gorgeouses? I’ve already started. See, for me, 2010 started last week. And so far so good. Except for tonight, when I splurged on some organic lollipops and, erm, a chai freaking f*ing latte, grrrrr….


Check it:

IN 2010, I RESOLVE….

1. To lose 25 pounds. And, yes, this belongs at the top of my list. Because LOOK at these videos of me — particularly the last one. I ran and reran it, like, a thousand times, NO KIDDING, trying harrrrd to deny that I looked rather large. And it DIDN’T HELP that….

MORE importantly, this resolution belongs at the top of my list because the better I feel about myself, the more I exercise and the healthier I eat, the better person I BECOME all ’round — the better, less anxious, MOTHER I become, the more PATIENT and CONFIDENT and INSPIRED and ENERGETIC I become. See this is KEY. SO, to get started on this goal, I’ve ALREADY begun my 30-Day Shred program….

I’m on DAY 7 of Level 1. I’m doing each level for 10 days (as prescribed by Shredheads). I haven’t lost a single pound this week, but I’m seeing some definition in my belly and shoulders again. So, as I tweeted the other day, I’m holding on tight to the fact that….

2. Hi, my name is Haley-O, and I’m a Shopaholic. Yes, à la Rebecca Bloomwood….

In fact, I’m watching the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic AS I WRITE this post LOVE!  Only I don’t spend my money on fabulously quirky designer clothes and accessories like Rebecca Bloomwood does, no. I spend tons of money on designer organic FOOD that often never gets used. So, I resolved to PLAN PLAN PLAN what I’m going to cook (speaking of which, have you SEEN my latest recipe, in which I actually USE my designer foods?), and BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET what I spend. Incidentally, I can’t take my eyes off Isla Fischer’s GLORIOUS red hair in this movie. Which reminds me….

3. I will get a hair cut. It is, like, GROSS long right now. But, TIME! There’s never any TIME!

4. WHICH reminds me of my resolution to KEEP AN AGENDA! In 2010 I will keep an agenda — TO THE HOUR. Because, as I mentioned JUST the other day….

5. I will go to the office at least twice a week.

6. I will write at least 2 brillers articles for Cottage Country PER WEEK.

7. I will be as patient with myself and others as my boss at Cottage Country has been with me….

8. I will practice yoga and meditate every day (even if it’s for 5-10 minutes).

9. I will brush my cats’ teeth.

10. As a little voice in my head told me (DO do DO do DO do DO do — it’s the twilight zone theme song, okay!?!) during my savasana meditation at the end of yesterday’s yoga session….


In the year 2010, I WILL LIVE. I’m not really sure exactly what that means, but I THINK it has something to do with worrying less and living more, with being in the PRESENT — whether I’m working, playing with the kids, cooking, exercising, or just chilling with my kitties….

OR! Chilling with my parents’ Chinese Crested Powder Puff “Olivia”…. Did I mention, I’m babysitting her? I love taking her EVERYWHERE with me. EVERYWHERE!

I’m a regular PARIS HILTON!

Check her out at the office HERE. She did NOT get along with the boss’s dog Taco at all. BUT, she DOTH love my MEENO (Minden)! Here she is, cuddling with Minden….

OY! Olivia’s deaf, by the way. Did I mention that?

Monkey: Yulivia! Yulivia! Come here!
Me: Honey, Olivia can’t hear you. She’s deaf, remember?
Monkey: Why? Can she not hear because her ears are down?


Did I mention it’sgrandma and papa’shere took me and the Monkey to The National Ballet of Canada’s (LOVE!) production of The Nutcracker? Here’s it’sgrandma and the Monkey chatting excitedly ahead of me….

And, here are the Monkey and me…. Ahhh, special moments! #TOOLONGHAIR!!!

We were so ridiculously lucky to have my absolute favourite male ballet dancer, PIOTR STANCZYK (see, I wrote about him HERE), dance the role of the Nutcracker….


And, incredibly, my favourite female ballet dancer, Sonia Rodriguez, danced the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy….

I was in HEAVEN. Didn’t want it to end. Papa’shere didn’t even fall asleep during the performance! Seriously, the show was so good I was fantasizing about it the next day. Loooooove. As I always like to say, the National Ballet of Canada is a Canadian GEM that is so worth our support. SWAN LAKE is coming in March! Toronto Gorgeouses, book your tix! (And, no, nobody pays me to say this!)

Did I mention it’sgrandma and papa’shere bought the Monkey a little porcelain ballerina at the Ballet Boutique, just before the show? Did I mention she dropped it during the intermission and the hand fell off and papa’shere was going to glue it but the Monkey wanted to take it home, so I said I’d glue it, but then, did I mention, the Rascal got hold of it and threw it on the ground and smashed it to pieces. So, did I mention, I went back to the The Nutcracker the following day, raved to the usher about Piotr Stanczyk, and bought her a new porcelain ballerina? DEEP BREATH. Did I mention that?

How many days do you think this porcelain ballerina is going to last before it’s smashed to pieces again?

Yes, in 2010, I’m going to live and LAUGH and LOVE more….

How about you, Gorgeouses?


xo Haley-O

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So, you know I’ve been working hard to de-clutter my mind — through daily meditation and yoga. It’s only been a few days, really, and I’m still a basketcase. I’ll probably always be a basketcase, though. It’s in my nature. And I don’t necessarily want to lose that. But, I wouldn’t mind it if the kindergarten teacher (love her) wouldn’t laugh at me and make that pretend-shake-my-head gesture (huh? hard to explain) when I tell her things like, “What? I didn’t realize there was a PA day tomorrow, WOOPS!” What can I say, I’m a day-by-day kind of girl. I “fly by the seat of my pants,” as Julia Roberts says in Pretty Women (one of my fave lines — that, and “slippy little sucker”). Aside from what’s going on at work (ish), I don’t know what’s going on from one day to the next. I just go with it. And maybe that’s why I have anxiety issues. I need a good daytimer is what I need. A non-leather FILOFAX — are those still around?

Anyway, in the attempt to de-clutter my mind, something very unusual happened. Remember this? My so-called living room?



(It even once looked LIKE THIS.)

WELL, the MESS that was our living room really is impossible to capture with a camera. But, you get the idea. It was COVERED in toys, toys, toys and more toys. Toys on top of toys. It was AAAAARRRGGHH. So, last Thursday, Josh got home from work, and, just like that, we decided to empty out the little breakfast room we’ve been using for NOTHING except feeding MARGE between old unfinished paintings and books I want to sell….


And we filled it with the TOYS, TOYS, and more TOYS — with all of the ARRRRGHH…. Et voilà….


It’s like A ROOM now…! And, check what it looks like from the front door now…. HOUSE LOOKS SO MUCH BIGGER!


HOUSE ECHOES…. And, now…. Look at the empty ADULT(ish) living room!!!!!!!!111oneone


Ahhh! I can breathe again…. And, look at the OTHER side of the living room!!!111oneone



Meanwhile, on the OTHER side of the living room (gasp!), I replaced these terribly horrible large ugly cushions….


…With these lovelies that we’ve had wasting away in our basement this whole time (to think!)….



Don’t get me started on our washroom. We FINALLY put up a MUCH-needed cabinet (thank you, recession-friendly Home Depot), and a mirror. And, OMG, I have so much weight to lose! No, seriously, I haven’t really looked in a mirror in, I guess, since we bought this house 5 years ago! And, OMG. It’s not 10 pounds, it’s TWENTY.

(By the way, I’M A LITTLE DISTRACTED RIGHT NOW because I’m watching The Hills AND The City finales while writing — can you tell? — and everyone is just so dang GORJJJJ.)

So, that’s that. We redecorated our house. I feel like a NEW WOMAN. I can breathe. I can make ECHOES in my living room….


OH, and have you heard? I’m up for two Canadian blog awards: Family and Humour (possibly Personal, too, but that category’s not up yet). If you love me, or even just like me, you can vote for me here. A thousand thank yous! Ohmmmm….


xo Haley-O

My eyes, THEY’RE BURNING. Not because I’ve been staring at my computer all day, because shockingly I have not, but, rather, because I worked out like nobody’s business in my living room today (and yesterday, and the day before). I walked every chance I got, ate relatively well, and burned and sculpted and kicked arse. I’ve been doing this hard-core for about a week now, and, for the most part, my energy’s way improved. But, I went a little overboard today and am sleeeeeepy, eyes are burrrrrrny. But, it’s quite possible that I’m sleeeeeeepy because all bets are OFF from now on as far as late-night snacking is concerned. No munchies to keep me awake, or to procrastinate with (there’s only twitter for that, now).

Why this new change? Why the many changes of late? Well, Cameron Frye of Ferris Beuller’s Day Off puts it perfectly:

I am not going to sit on my ass as the events that affect me unfold to determine the course of my life. I’m going to take a stand. I’m going to defend it. Right or wrong, I’m going to defend it.

Check it — the awesomely intense version:

“I’m going to take a stand.” Remember that? In the movie, Cameron repeats this over and over and over again. And, for some reason, this line has stuck with me ALL THESE YEARS. I’M GOING TO TAKE A STAND.

So, yeah, I am. “I am not going to sit on my ass as the events that affect me unfold.” I’m going to grab my addictions and excuses by the throat and throw them the heck out of my life. Because it’s time to take a stand and get my body, my energy, my peace of mind back — as much as I possibly can, that is, without going crazy.

I’m going to take a stand. I’m going to take a stand, man.

First thing’s first, I’m going to take back my time.

Even though I’ve never been organized in my whole entire life, I’m now officially ORGANIZED(ish).


FINALLY, I replaced that messy disheveled basket full of bills and fliers and school stuff and work stuff, which we’ve had on our wee kitchen desk for years now, with two beautiful file holders and some folders to match. So I now have a lovely place to put all my and Josh’s and the kids’ stuff. Because, I have learned, when you have two school(ish)-aged kids, my GOD, you cannot NOT be organized — even if the very CORE of your SOUL rejects organization! Also FINALLY, I’ve taken out my trusty BusyBodyBook — a complementary copy I received last summer — and I’m (did I mention finally?) putting it to good use.

So, I’m doing it. I’m taking a stand. I’m taking a stand, man, against ALL my freakin’ obstacles: my addictions, my disorganization, my laziness, fears, anxieties, all my waiting (FOR WHAT?) to make changes.

And, what do you know? EUREKA, I have time to workout. I have time to read. I have time to cook nice dinners (unfortunately I haven’t had time YET to blog about them). I’m not OVERWHELMED all the time by the loads of work and chimes of new emails every two seconds. EVERY TWO SECONDS….

I’m not the only one who’s benefiting, by all this, by the way….


Now that I’ve replaced that ratty kitchen basket with fancy folders, someone has a new bed….

(MARGE! is so unphotogenic. She really isn’t this creepy.)

And as soon as she leaves, someone else (who is much more photogenic) also has a new bed….


HENCE between my recent reunion with YOGA and my new-found commitment to organizing my life (and my family’s) after 35 years of flying flustered by the seat of my pants, I’m feeling pretty good — or maybe I’m just, like, bipolar or manic or something, which is totally possible, but whatevs ‘cuz it’s working for me right now.

One day at a time, I’m taking a stand. And I’m really tempted to quote Oprah here, but I won’t. Then again, I’m still as indecisive as ever (some things are unchangeable), so I think I will: Yes, I’m “living my best life.” Eek.

Btw, you can vote for my “LOL” HERE!

Off to bed. One day I’ll start getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Baby steps.

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