Look at that….

That’s our little Monkey on the stage of Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream. I wrote a blog post about it over at our editors’ blog at Today’s Parent, but I wanted to share some of the pics here too.

She was invited to launch the lantern with Rapunzel and Flynn about two months ago, and she’s been counting down the days ever since. And, Gorgeouses, she was amazing (click to enlarge)….

I was crouching way down beneath them, taking pics and, of course, bawling. All eyes were on her. She played her part superbly — she was the magic!

It was such a great show (we love Disney On Ice). My parents, my sister and her kids came to watch the Monkey’s special moment. Here they are rehearsing during intermission….

That special night was probably the highlight of our March Break! Well, that, and that one go-to-work-with-Mommy day (don’t ask)….

Make yourself at home….

Because I’ve been working around the clock lately — I was at The Heart Truth fashion show last Thursday evening (and interviewed Canadian R&B singer Divine Brown), congratulated Matthew McConaughey’s fiance, Camila Alves, on their recent engagement (interview to come), and last night, interviewed Carson Kressley (hilarious interview to come) — I decided to take today off and show the kids a good time.

Despite this sexy cough and fever I’m sporting, I took the kids to the Art Gallery of Ontario today….

…and then we built a model plane (FAIL) and attempted to fly it in the park, but it broke pretty soon after we left the house. So I sat shivering in the hot sun as the kids rolled down the parks’ steep hills. I bathed them right when we got home, made us all some smoothies and collapsed.

Gorgeouses, when I opened my macbook to blog this evening, I swore all I was going to do was post this “vlog” (video blog) and call it a day!

….But, Josh and the kids are at Grandma and Papa’s house, and apparently delirium has set in — so I’ve written this tome.

And I’m not done.

Since I’m addicted to posting photos on Twitter, I took the plunge and joined instagram. It’s basically an app that lets you prettify your photos before you tweet them, and share them with other photo-sharing addicts. If you’re on there, too, look me up @haleyoverland, and enjoy pics like THIS….


xo Haley-O

P.S. Disney on Ice presents Dare to Dream runs until March 18th. If you’re in the GTA, checkit! You can get tix here. And you can learn more about it in my review of the show at Today’s Parent.

I never thought I’d post this. But it’s getting out of control. It’s Wednesday, so I reserve the right to stay as wordless as possible — i.e., this video speaks for itself. Checkit at your own risk, and don’t say I didn’t warn you. Here’s a preview photo so you know at least a little what you’re in for….

And, you know, don’t judge me or anything. If you need to judge someone, you can go ahead and judge my fab book club, since they came to my house and saw the girl-dog-on-boy-cat “action” and insisted I share it with you all, you know, for the sake of authenticity, and such. Oy, without further ado (enough stalling), I give you my freshly titled vlog, THE HUMP. Enjoy…? And may the force be with you….

That. Is my life.

So what do you think? My book club thinks Minden loves it when Betty MOUNTS him. But I know my kitty, and I think otherwise. Poor guy….

I guess he should consider himself lucky, though. Because he could end up like the Rascal’s cat (and several other of Rascal’s favourite stuffed animals)….

xo Haley-O

P.S. Did you notice my “S”s? My dentist has to file down the back of my new tooth because it’s a little crowded and I’m working HARD not to lisp all the time…. Good. Times.

P.P.S. We were spring cleaning at the time of the video. Hence the MESS.

P.P.P.S. And how about that surprise cameo by The Monkey! Always a diva, she’s starring as SNOW WHITE in her Theatre play today! Squee!

P.P.P.P.S. Have you checked out my Fit/Fab blog at Today’s Parent lately? I’m losing weight! A LOT of weight! Leave a comment about THE HUMP and then CLICKIT! …Thanks Gorgeouses!

P.P.P.P.P.S. Hee. Kidding.

Did any of you check out the fabulous Neil Kramer’s Fifth Annual Christmalhijrahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert? Well! It was a very big deal, and guess who showed up? Our very own CHEATY MONKEY (featuring special cameos by Betty White, the Rascal and, regrettably, my boob) singing everyone’s favourite Dreidel Song. CHECKIT:

I probably should have apologized in advance for the dirty dinner plates on the table. But see how the plates were scraped clean? It was some kind of mock macaroni dinner, if I remember correctly. Thanks to my trusty vita-mix blender (love!), the kids ate an entire broccoli stem each and didn’t know it.

“It has a lovely body with legs so short and thin.” That line cracks me up EVERY TIME she sings it.

It’s been 2 days since Neil’s big party, and Hanukkah’s only slipping further into the past, so I figure I better post our video here now. But DO go and check out so many of my friends. It’s a lot of fun!

xo Haley-O

Wheeeeeere’s Rascal?

Is he under the bed? In the closet? Inside the laundry hamper? Behind the chair?


Where could he be? Do YOU know?

Let’s look again. Where’s Rascal?

It’s his favourite game: “Where’s Rascal?” And he hides in the same totally inconspicuous spot every time. Heh. But, seriously, words cannot CONVEY. So we have video. Checkit…. It’s pretty hilarious….

Pretty classic, huh? What’s not so funny? The little Rascal won’t let me sleep. He will not let me sleep. It’s been over a month now of at-least-thrice-nightly wake-up calls. I’m EXHAUSTED.


Enough said…for now.

Oh, except this — I can’t keep this from any of you MILES FABER fans any longer. Remember my gorj and talented cousin Miles from the first season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada? 2nd runner up??? If for some unfathomable reason not, then maybe this will refresh your memory….

Well, here’s a photo of us at an art event last week…. Miles’ dad (my uncle), Jazz musician Arnold Faber, is playing in the background — he was the entertainment for the evening:

And, yes, he’s every bit as gorgeous in real life. So is MILES. Hee!

Check out what Miles is up to HERE (there’s video)! He’s a very busy guy…!

Also, check out my kids modeling fab organic CANADIAN clothes HERE and, while your there, grab your 20% discount (US residents can grab it, too!).


xo Haley-O

Ohh, the Google hits I will get from all those wonderful people out there on the lofty virtual quest for “monkeys riding bikes.” It’s sure to be stat-blowing. I mean, if I get as many people coming here for this (a sure thing) as I do for my now-famous-among-foot-fetishists “Worst Celebrity Feet” post — a proud, proud moment in my blog writing career — we will rival Perez Hilton. No. Doubt. Anyway, the post hasn’t even begun, and I digress.

I digress.

So I have a video for you. A “vlog,” if you will. One of my more web-savvy friends tells me THE PEOPLE WANT MORE VIDEO on the Internets, so I’ve been taking video for you. Plus I write all day, so this gives me a bit of a breather. Mind you….

Anyway, now it’s your turn to indulge me. Maybe it was the heat today, I don’t know. But, to me? This video of my kids attempting to ride their bikes is hilarious. Checkit! (You may want to turn down the volume. I took the video on my blackberry — hence the fuzzies and high volume. Bygones!)

The video was cut short, in case you didn’t hear, because the Monkey SCREAMED for me: “MOM!” You can imagine how frustrating it is when it’s 100,000 degrees outside and your kindergartner is screaming while walking her bike. Did I mention sooo slowly?

So did you laugh? Come on, did you see the Rascal barely sitting on the bike? Pretty much riding the bike as if it were a scooter (only without any kind of glide or semblance of speed)? Gold!


xo Haley-O

PS: I am SO excited to show you my very first print article for Today’s Parent. It’s the Celine Dion piece on p. 26 of the October issue, which should be on stands or in subscribing Gorgeouses’ mailboxes any day now. Cannot wait to share it with you! I can’t even tell you the thrill I had reading it to my kids this afternoon (it’s short and cute). The monkey’s eyes lit up in actual admiration…. Sighh. Fahklempt!

What I learned from a day in Niagara Falls….

I learned not to take my kids into ANY of the wax museums because there will be FREDDY KRUEGER. A less terrified-of-Freddy blogger would insert a photo here.

I can’t deal.

I learned that the incredibly beautiful Falls give good mist. My skin was oh-so-dewy!

I learned that there IS a city in this world that doesn’t have a single vegan morsel to eat — I mean other than a soggy salad fit for gargoyles (they tried!).

I learned that Frankenstein and Dracula ARE ALIIIIIVE….

I learned that I’m “the coolest chick, yeah you are!” Check this video, Gorgeouses. I took it just for you. These two lovelies were sitting at separate tables, and, apparently, when we sat down to eat, my big hat was blocking his view of her. So I took my hat off, and their love was set free…. After he bought her a glass of wine, loudly, she whispered, “why don’t you come here?” He didn’t want to leave his buddy (who, you’ll see, can do a mean chair dance). So, she went over to him. I had to get them on video, just for you. Forgive my total geekiness. I was having fun….

So you see. I have proof. I. Am the coolest chick, yeah I am. Hee. They did let me put their video online. I always ask permission (because I’m coo like dat) — hence my URGENCY: “SAY IT FOR THE PEOPLE!” *Cough.* If they only knew….

I learned that when you least expect it, some people can be a total HOOT. Love.

You can just ponder that all with this lovely view of Niagara Falls, and more.

This vid’s a little less exciting (which says a lot), but more beautiful. Mind you, there is some uninteresting conversation showcasing my only slight (alas it’s true) tendency toward ditsiness, which the voyeur in you might like….

xo Haley-O

It’s a good thing I know how to deal with anxiety by now because, OMG, with all the transitions lately — new job, new nephew, new dog, Josh’s work-at-home new job — my mind is spinning. On top of all these transitions, I’ve imposed another major transition on myself: NO SUGAR for 40 days. This, of course, means no Starbucks Soy Chai Lattes. *SWOON.* We’re into day 3 now, and I’m feeling totally fuzzy-headed (which goes great with spinning). But, I hear day 3 is a charm. And, if I recall from the last time I did this cleanse, the sweet cinnamon-y cloud of fuzz will subside tomorrow, in time for a meeting I’m very excited about!

You’re probably thinking I’m insane to do a detox now, but it’s one of my best tools for dealing with anxiety. Plus, I just splurged on a VITAMIX! When my old blender died a tragic death, smoking up my entire kitchen with what smelled like burning rubber, I immediately called the healthy, happy people at Vitamix. I’ve been working around the clock lately, and my morning swamp smoothies have reached unpalatable heights with the seaweed, algae oil and turmeric (*cough*). And, if I’m not going to be waking up to the promise of a steamy, comforting, cinnamon-y sweet and spicy chaiiiii, I better have something not only super healthy, but just (or almost) as yummy to make up for it. Right!? Right.

Enough talk. And I’m too fuzzy and about-to-pass-out-from-exhaustion to edit this post. Seriously. Instead, I’ve prepared a couple of VLOGS for you. A series entitled “THERE’S TOO MUCH CUTENESS AROUND HERE!” Or not. Maybe we don’t need a title for the series. Maybe just checkit. Oh, and $10 Amazon gift certificate (I just bought a vitamix — this is the best I can do!) to the first person who guesses the punchline of Rascal’s joke…?

And Betty White. This dog was an ANGEL the first week we got her. Now, she’s a total nutball. And I’ve been stepping in warm puddles throughout the house! Training tips, anyone? Here I am attempting to take her out for a “pee.” Notice the under-bite!

I’m still debating whether or not I should post video of her humping her brother Minden. It’s beyond bizarre on so many, many levels.

xo Haley-O

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