It’s a good sign that I’m writing today. It means I’m using a little less energy for anxiety, and a little more energy for productive stuff like writing (more than I already do…). Sigh, even though I just received a bill for the ambulance. It’s okay. I’d happily pay anything they asked.

Actually I feel pretty close to back-to-normal after the events of last month. Still a little more tired than I’d like to be, still breaking down during yoga (gosh, I wish that would stop). But I’m working on all that by cleaning up my diet (what else is new), and just taking it easy on myself.

Of course, I still watch some of my favourite trash TV shows, which helps. But when I’m not hanging out with the kids, I’m keeping busy working a lot, reading on my beloved KOBO — nothing lascivious yet, ahem, much to my female friends’ chagrin (you know who you are) — building crazy-intricate Samurai monsters for the Rascal….

…and making a lot of almond milk….

…which is so strangely therapeutic! Isn’t it beautiful? The Rascal loves it….

Mama, it tastes like icin’,” he says (icing!). And from the looks of this masterpiece the Monkey brought home the other day, she likes it too….

I still think the “k” her teacher erased makes more sense…. I’m pretty sure my daughter thinks I’m more a KOOK than a COOK. But I’ll take it!

Anyway, yes, the Rascal’s doing great. A nutritionist I bumped into on the street today suggested I give him water with a squeeze of lemon every morning to detox away the lingering circles under his eyes. So I’ll give that a shot. He’s finally getting less clingy, and he’s finally sounding more like himself. Baby talk is never cute. EVER. Just saying.

But getting a carrot from our lovely Today’s Parent food editor, Eshun Mott, is definitely cute — and good for the detox….

Oh, I love that photo. He and the Monkey (whom you can see snooping around in the background) were on location at a Today’s Parent Magazine photo shoot. They’ve been doing a lot of that lately, which is totally fun!

They’ll love seeing themselves in the magazine. “I’m famous now, right, Mama?” Yes, you are totally famous, Monkey, especially after all that hand modeling you did with the adorable Daniel DeSouza yesterday (above). I’ll keep you posted on the stunning photo the kids took for a spread in the August issue — yes, front-of-the-face, and all!

Oh, gosh, how’d that photo get there? Heh. Betty White and her feline siblings, Minden and Maarge!, are doing great too.

Everything is good. The Rascal is healthy. We have a working laundry machine and dryer again. The spider in my car has finally vacated the premises (all that swinging in front of my face was distracting). I’m riding the stationary bike again. The Monkey’s looking forward to her 7th birthday party and another trip to the crystal store. Josh lost 15 pounds. And school is almost out.


xo Haley-O