It’s been a long year of waiting. We had hoped it would only be 6 months — and THAT was a long time to go with a “flipper” aka “flap” aka “biteplate with a plastic tooth on it” aka “that I had to take out at night.” Yes, my husband (and children, ahem) have been sleeping beside a toothless wonder for a WHOLE YEAR.

It’s been a long (uncomfortable) year! One day I may regret that I never took advantage of my toothlessness on Halloween, but it’s all still a little sensitive….

Wanna see?

After five hours in the dentist’s chair and the hard work of two brilliant men — a dentist and lab technician, both in the Toronto area, whom I’m thrilled to recommend to anyone who needs any kind of dentistry (as soon as they give me word that I can put their names on here, otherwise, email me) — we have NEW TEETH! CHECKIT!

Don’t they sparkle and GLEAM! (Well, maybe not in this photo — but, trust me, they do SPARKLE. And GLEAM!)

Apparently, my teeth are the most challenging my dentist’s ever seen for this kind of thing, I’m proud to share. Ready for some TMI? I have an uneven jaw, a crossed cuspid (or something), and some crooked features that, you know what?, GIVE ME CHARACTER.

Yes, after this year, I officially have no shame. I have that brutal zit on my cheek — did you notice? And I’m not airbrushing it. But I do insist you know my nose is super swollen and frozen, and I just had my lips stretched and pulled for 5 hours!

Speaking of airbrushing, I’ve come to terms with photo-that-isn’t-airbrushed. It’s part of the journey. I’ve got some weight to lose. But I LOVE MY NEW RACK (my teeth, that is, of course)!


xo Haley-O