I don’t know who invented Wordless Wednesday. I could probably Google it. But part of the reason I’m attempting my very first Wordless Wednesday ever (and failing at it as we speak) is that I’m feeling awfully lazy. Awfully.

Which reminds me…, I have another word to submit to the Urban Dictionary: “ARFUL.” It’s the word you can all use from now on when your dog is being AWFUL. Arf!

We’re being wordless tonight because I am lazy. And because, really, these pictures from our trip to the country last weekend speak for themselves…. Checkit! (As always, click on the photos to enlarge them.)

I can’t keep it wordless any longer. Just one word. One? Oh, two…. THE DRAMA! THE DRAMA! And…. Oh, how we love our Betty White!

And that, dear Gorgeouses, was your Wordless Wednesday — the first, last, the only, Wordless Wednesday of 2010.



xo Haley-O