Did any of you check out the fabulous Neil Kramer’s Fifth Annual Christmalhijrahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert? Well! It was a very big deal, and guess who showed up? Our very own CHEATY MONKEY (featuring special cameos by Betty White, the Rascal and, regrettably, my boob) singing everyone’s favourite Dreidel Song. CHECKIT:

I probably should have apologized in advance for the dirty dinner plates on the table. But see how the plates were scraped clean? It was some kind of mock macaroni dinner, if I remember correctly. Thanks to my trusty vita-mix blender (love!), the kids ate an entire broccoli stem each and didn’t know it.

“It has a lovely body with legs so short and thin.” That line cracks me up EVERY TIME she sings it.

It’s been 2 days since Neil’s big party, and Hanukkah’s only slipping further into the past, so I figure I better post our video here now. But DO go and check out so many of my friends. It’s a lot of fun!

xo Haley-O