Well, I may have to take it out at night, and I may have to wash it after I eat sometimes (when I CAN eat again), and I may sound a WEE bit like I’m wearing a bite plate, but that will change as the swelling goes down and I get more used to this. It looks pretty amazing, right? (It’s the one on the left – with a wee bit of gore showing on the top.)

I just have to be careful not to smile too big — at least for now — because it’s gory under that upper lip….

Very gory.

I did get laughing gas, and it was awwwwesome. Except I got so high that I told the periodontist about my blog. And now everyone in that office knows about it. He’s asked to be called “Dr. Evil.” So, there you go.

The worst is over. The front tooth is OUT. We know what we’re dealing with — no bone. In a year, I’ll have a perfect permanent tooth, new gums AND a new smile. Exciting!

It’s been less than 24 hours and I’ve adjusted to the reality of all this, although I haven’t shown ANYONE but my dentist and periodontist what I look like without the denture…. I can, honestly, hardly stand to look at it myself! But, it’s okay.

Now I just have to heal, GROW BONE, rest, and, apparently, not stand on my head — not ’til next Thursday, Dr. Evil says.

Thanks so much for all your support!


xo Haley-O