I got a haircut. That’s me up there showing you my new haircut while practicing smiling with my mouth closed. Because, on Thursday, top front tooth? She’s coming out, baby. I feel like a cat about to be de-clawed — only I know what’s coming. Thursday, at 3:30. Mark your calendars, and pray to the gods of Ativan for me because the gods of Laughing Gas, alas, did not come through.

And, yes, I’m trying to fit as many self-maintenance appointments in before Thursday. I’m determined to look my absolute best for the extraction. Today: haircut. Tomorrow: I’m doing a SERIOUS heated-room Ashtanga yoga class (yes, ASHTANGA — even though I’ve been an IYENGAR girl for 27 years) because I’m obsessed with yoga in all its forms and, let’s face it, I need to burn some major cals; then I’m getting a complementary style makeover (more on that later). Wednesday: facial and eyebrows.

And when I walked into the dentist’s office today (again again again), I felt pretty good because they noticed my haircut *cough.* No. I went numb because they handed me the box. And they opened it….

My denture, Gorgeouses. Two of them, actually — one for day time (pink), and one for night time (invisalign with a denture inside). I’ll be wearing these for up to a year while I grow BONE to support a permanent implant. Can you BELIEVE???????


Here’s the cat-who’ll-eat-anything eating the elastic they gave me to hold the terrible box together….

How come he gets to have all his teeth and I don’t?

Hrumph. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!


xo Haley-O