It’s been very hard to find time to blog lately. I’m THAT busy. I’m also THAT tired because I’ve been working on a big project for I’ve been staying up pretty much until Rascal wakes up every morning — 2am, which is also, apparently, the time the fun begins…. Between the tiredness and the busy-ness (I’ve got to get back to work, like, NOW, or it’ll be a 3am night, which may conflict with someone else’s li’l schedule), I’m gonna make this quick. I give you, Gorgeouses, a rundown of what’s been going on at the very busy Cheaty house (aside from the Project) — check it:

1. I’ve been planting. Spinach! I’m a bit of a loser, though, because I planted it two days ago and thought I saw spinach sprouting just today — alas, it was WEEDS. #duhh. Let’s be realistic here for a minute: the day spinach grows in my backyard, as a result of my square thumbs (did you know Megan Fox uses hand doubles in her films because she, too, has square thumbs, or “toe thumbs,” or whatever — but I say OWN IT, Megan!), is the day I quit Starbucks. There. #nothappening.

This photo was taken by THE MONKEY! Love!

2. We are spring cleaning. MAJOR spring cleaning….

3. Minden’s licking my yoga mat again. See?

What’s up with that? It’s totally clean. I never use that one. (Then again, this is the same cat who eats onions and spinach when nobody’s looking.) I put it out earlier because Rascal wanted to do Sun Salutations, complete with loud ujjayi breathing…. You should hear this guy do yoga. If I blindfolded you and led you into our living room during one of his sessions, you’d think you’d walked in on the great Iyengar himself….

There’s nothing like yoga in pajamas….

Can I have my mat back, now?

4. Josh threw out my boots. He literally smuggled them out of the house when he went to do an errand and threw them in a donation box. MY BOOTS. MINE. He hated them THAT MUCH, and he knows that I’m the type who wears winter boots well into May. I can’t for the life of me find a picture of them. They were black nylon “Elements” boots. This is the closest photo I could find of what they looked like….

Wahhh. Miss…!

7. This should be a post in itself, but I may not get around to another one ’til Thursday, so check it. Rascal, as you know, likes to start words he can’t pronounce with “f.” This has become increasingly hilarious, and, at times, problematic. Check it:

a) F*CK: truck;

b) FACKET: jacket (which, if said aloud, can be rather offensive in two ways);

c) FUSTIFATED: frustrated, as in “Mama, are you FUSTIFATED?” (*cough*);

d) FIFFY: filthy….

Rascal also likes to start “L” words with “Y”:

a) “Mama, I wan pay Sixth and Yadders“: Mama, I want to play Snakes and Ladders.

b) “Yook! Mama, YOOK!”: Look, Mama, LOOK!

c) “Mama, you yips smell yike YEMEN!”: Mama, your lips smell like LEMON.

Okay! Gotta go. This post took me way yonger than I fought it would…. And the cat’s giving me the stink eye….


xo Haley-O

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