So, you know I’ve been working hard to de-clutter my mind — through daily meditation and yoga. It’s only been a few days, really, and I’m still a basketcase. I’ll probably always be a basketcase, though. It’s in my nature. And I don’t necessarily want to lose that. But, I wouldn’t mind it if the kindergarten teacher (love her) wouldn’t laugh at me and make that pretend-shake-my-head gesture (huh? hard to explain) when I tell her things like, “What? I didn’t realize there was a PA day tomorrow, WOOPS!” What can I say, I’m a day-by-day kind of girl. I “fly by the seat of my pants,” as Julia Roberts says in Pretty Women (one of my fave lines — that, and “slippy little sucker”). Aside from what’s going on at work (ish), I don’t know what’s going on from one day to the next. I just go with it. And maybe that’s why I have anxiety issues. I need a good daytimer is what I need. A non-leather FILOFAX — are those still around?

Anyway, in the attempt to de-clutter my mind, something very unusual happened. Remember this? My so-called living room?



(It even once looked LIKE THIS.)

WELL, the MESS that was our living room really is impossible to capture with a camera. But, you get the idea. It was COVERED in toys, toys, toys and more toys. Toys on top of toys. It was AAAAARRRGGHH. So, last Thursday, Josh got home from work, and, just like that, we decided to empty out the little breakfast room we’ve been using for NOTHING except feeding MARGE between old unfinished paintings and books I want to sell….


And we filled it with the TOYS, TOYS, and more TOYS — with all of the ARRRRGHH…. Et voilà….


It’s like A ROOM now…! And, check what it looks like from the front door now…. HOUSE LOOKS SO MUCH BIGGER!


HOUSE ECHOES…. And, now…. Look at the empty ADULT(ish) living room!!!!!!!!111oneone


Ahhh! I can breathe again…. And, look at the OTHER side of the living room!!!111oneone



Meanwhile, on the OTHER side of the living room (gasp!), I replaced these terribly horrible large ugly cushions….


…With these lovelies that we’ve had wasting away in our basement this whole time (to think!)….



Don’t get me started on our washroom. We FINALLY put up a MUCH-needed cabinet (thank you, recession-friendly Home Depot), and a mirror. And, OMG, I have so much weight to lose! No, seriously, I haven’t really looked in a mirror in, I guess, since we bought this house 5 years ago! And, OMG. It’s not 10 pounds, it’s TWENTY.

(By the way, I’M A LITTLE DISTRACTED RIGHT NOW because I’m watching The Hills AND The City finales while writing — can you tell? — and everyone is just so dang GORJJJJ.)

So, that’s that. We redecorated our house. I feel like a NEW WOMAN. I can breathe. I can make ECHOES in my living room….


OH, and have you heard? I’m up for two Canadian blog awards: Family and Humour (possibly Personal, too, but that category’s not up yet). If you love me, or even just like me, you can vote for me here. A thousand thank yous! Ohmmmm….


xo Haley-O