I didn’t expect this birthday to be as wonderful as it was. Especially since last year’s was a total bust: the kids wore me out so badly that I spent the afternoon in bed crying. I cry when I’m exhausted. I also cry when I start to think I’ll never have another real birthday again.

I think it was the phone calls that started before I even woke up this morning, and the emails and the tweets, MY GOD, the tweets. I’ve never felt so loved and celebrated. Best birthday EVER! THANK YOU?! I LOVE YOU?!

Each tweet, email, phone call was a gift.

As for me, I bought myself a sterling silver shark pendant for my birthday — in support and honour of Torontonian Rob Stewart and his award-winning movie Shark Water….


Like it? I’m not a fan of the black faux leather part, so I’m thinking I’ll get it beaded into my chakra necklace. Yes, I’m getting weird(er) in my old age. But, you love it, and it will be HOT — trust me. I’m talking HOT. Like, Matthew Morrison hot…GLEE!


Now, as you know, I’m a nature/animal lover. And, it’s my experience that when you give to nature, nature gives back. I know, weird. But, DON’T GO. GET THAT FINGER AWAY FROM THE MOUSE. STEP AWAY FROM THE TOUCH PAD. (I adopted a pig from WSPA’s WILD GIFTS, too, btw, because LOVE…). GET BACK HERE IT’S BEAUTIFUL I PROMISE! Nature gave me a birthday gift. First thing this morning, I stepped out my door and saw this:


Do you see it? Isn’t it awesome? Closer? Okay…. Gimme a sec. Okay, here:


The Spider — nature’s artist, weaver, writer — gave me this. The camera doesn’t begin to capture the awesome beauty. I’ve never seen anything like it. So perfect, magical.

35’s going to be a good year.

That’s me and my chakra necklace at dinner with Josh-O. After dinner, we went to see The Hangover and laughed our elderly arses off.


xo Haley-O