So, I was listening to this program on the radio today about our psychic children. Anyone else listen to that show this aft? No? Oh figures. It was probably a SPECIAL program that only I could hear because life’s been crazy like that lately….

Anyway, after eschewing the tiny electronic gadgets we all covet — “I don’t need a blueberry,” was what she said, heh — the woman on the show started talking about the PSYCHIC CHILDREN of today and how we need to cultivate, and not stultify, their psychic powers (I don’t think she used the word “powers,” per se, but, cue image of YOUNG HALEY-O using round, gaudy orange retro lamp in her bedroom to invoke MAGICAL POWERSES — now you know where I’m coming from). Parents, she insisted, need to supplement the Reading- Writing-Arithmetic-centred model of our school systems with MORE CREATIVE stuff like art, singing, music, nature! And, we mustn’t discourage them from pursuing artistic careers that aren’t necessarily money makers. Psychic children or not, I’m ALL for that.

I was obviously intrigued by the discussion — hence, I stayed tuned — but then I was GRIPPED. Because, erm, look — have you SEEN these things?:

This picture doesn’t BEGIN to do Rascal’s eyes justice. As almost everyone who meets him says, “HE’S ALL EYES!” Anyway, such huge penetrating eyes, the radio peeps said, are the defining feature of today’s psychic children — the so-called “Crystal Children.”

As Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., explains in her article “Indigo and Crystal Children,”

The first thing most people notice about Crystal Children is their eyes large, penetrating, and wise beyond their years. Their eyes lock on and hypnotize you, while you realize your soul is being laid bare for the child to see. Perhaps you’ve noticed this special new “breed” of children rapidly populating our planet. They are happy, delightful, and forgiving. This generation of new lightworkers, roughly ages 0 through 7, are like no previous generation. Ideal in many ways, they are the pointers for where humanity is headed . . . and it’s a good direction!

Umm, yeah. This is getting a little bit CREEPERS. Because EVERYONE says Rascal “locks” his eyes on you and that he just takes everything in.

As you know, I don’t put pictures of Rascal’s face on the blog; BUT, I can tell you he looks JUST LIKE……are you ready?…..THIS! HE LOOKS JUST LIKE THIS (only way cuter, of course…)!:


Gorgeouses, I have a Crystal Child!

Rascal’s sister has humungous eyes, too — beautiful hazel doe eyes — but she’s more like what they called an “Indigo Child” (I learned ALL about the Indigo Children in my Yoga Teacher Training Program, funnily enough) with her prominent “tempers and firey determination.” I ALWAYS describe Monkey as “firey,” a “little fire cracker,” etc., etc..

Now, about that CRYSTAL CHILD of mine? Why, I ask you, won’t Rascal communicate with me telepathically ON A REGULAR BASIS? According to the article, parents of Crystal Children

engage in mind-to-mind communication with their Crystal Children. And the Crystals use a combination of telepathy, self-fashioned sign language, and sounds (including song) to get their point across.

Anyone else have the Twilight Zone theme song in their head right now, by the way?

Ahem, IN ADDITION to some strange “self-fashioned sign language” (now that you mention it), my Crystal Rascal relies on good old fashion SCREAMING to get what he wants. He screams when I put him in his carseat. Screams when I strap him in his stroller. SCREAMS when I change his diaper. SCREAMS when I put him in his crib. SCREAMS (like last night) at 1am, 3am, 4:30am and 6am….

Despite all the screaming, though, I often say he’s extraordinarily expressive and knows how to tell me what he wants…. Like, he does do this weird pointing thing with his index finger when he wants up. But, when I refuse to pick him up, creepers index finger signage turns to serious screamage.

So, why me? Why did my crystal child (apparently) choose MOI to be his mother? Because, check it:

Not only [are] the Crystal Children highly spiritually sensitive, but so [are] their parents. The souls of Crystal Children were obviously selecting parents who could raise them in a spiritually nurturing environment. Occasionally, I met children who came through parents who were spiritually unaware. In these cases, their grandparents were highly evolved lightworkers who helped to protect and hone the child’s spiritual knowledge and gifts. Most people told me that their Crystal Child was a profound spiritual teacher, who taught parents a great deal about being an exceptionally loving and kind person.

Sweeeet. And, yes, even though he’s been screaming like crazy lately (poor little dude IS cracking the MOST ferocious tooth in the top front of his little crystal mouth), Rascal is a WONDERFUL baby. I can so relate to this…:

I heard from parents and grandparents around the globe, as they described their Crystal as “an angel,” “the love of my life,” “a true joy,” and so on.

I don’t know what I believe these days. I’m really trying to figure that out, actually. But, I do know that I’ve always sensed a quiet mysteriousness in my little Rascal (even when he was in my belly!). He may keep me up ALL NIGHT LONG — which is perhaps the REASON I, in my completely delirious state, am WRITING this bizarro post — but he’s so freaking beautiful, so sweet, and, still, such A GOOD BABY.

So, how ’bout you, Gorgeouses? Do you have a Crystal or Indigo Child? Does any of this resonate with you?

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