I caught him! Well, her. I think it was a her. Because when I let her out of the Tupperware container, she landed on her back, and I watched her wiggle until she managed to get back on her feet and waddle escape into the snowy outdoors.

So, here’s what went down.

I got home from the gym (and from studying my old yoga teacher-training notebooks at Starbucks — teaching yoga TOMORROW…talk about EEEEE!). Opened the door. What was Minden doing BEHIND the door? Usually, he greets me IN FRONT of the door.

But, there he was. And, Mama was suspicious….

I looked around the door, and noticed that the monkey’s kitchen was out of place, as was my knapsack full of all the used books I’m going to sell (sigh, one of these days)….

I peeked behind the toy kitchen. Nothing. I peeked behind the knapsack. EEEEEEEEK! SOMETHING! At first, I thought it was ONE OF MINDEN’S TOY MICE…. And, I turned to walk away…. But, the IMAGE of the mouse emerged SO CLEARLY in my mind. Its feet…. Pink feet…. With teeny toes…. Minden’s toy mice DO NOT HAVE THOSE FEET OR TEENY TOES!


I RAN. TIPPY TOES. SCREEEEEAMING. To the kitchen cabinet. Managed to grab a tall Tupperware container AND the lid. As I was scrambling, MINDEN was chasing the mouse (practically in slow motion…time it WARPED) across the kitchen hallway. They were running BEside me. La la la laaaaa!!!!!

Minden practically had her, but she managed to dodge his grasp and scurry under the kitchen desk — right here….

And, in went I! With my handy dandy Tupperware. “Please don’t touch tail Please don’t touch tail PLEASE DON’T TOUCH TAIL!!!”


It took a few seconds of “convincing” and finally…I CAUGHT HER! I screamed the whole time, but I CAUGHT HER! And, in case you don’t believe me, I took a picture (of course)…. Look close:


“Oh, wait…. You’re cute!” I said, “What do I do with you, now?” Of course, I thought of poor Remy trapped in the glass jar….

Widdle mouse must be so scared!

By now the rascal, still in his carseat, was wide awake and CONFUSED because Mama was SCREACHING her arse off! “Back in a minute, Rascal,” I said, as I opened the back door. “What do I do with you?” I kept asking the little mouse, “What do I do with you?” I wanted to give her the best chance for survival (it’s a full-out BLIZZARD here right now), and I wanted her as FAR AWAY FROM MY HOUSE AS POSSIBLE.

So, I’m running to the front of the house, holding a tupperwear container as far away from my body as possible, and…, “HI MAMA!” It’s the monkey. Returning home with it’sgrandma. In time to see me release the mouse into the wild outdoors.

I crossed the street. Opened the container, and gently dumped the mouse onto the sidewalk. She landed on her back. I felt bad. She wriggled back onto front and scampered away. Pretty slowly. She was tired. Minden probably wore her out ALMOST enough to eat her…. Either that, or she was PREGNANT. Poor thing….

I hope she’s okay. She was so cute. But, I’m looking out these windows of mine, and everything is WHITE with blowing snow….

I went back inside and gave Minden SO MANY cookies. GOOD BOY (as usual!)….

That cheaty little MAAAARRRRGE got some, too….

Of course, Tigger didn’t even get up for the cookies….

In honour of today’s events, I give you THIRTEEN BELOVED MICE! Check it:

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13. The Three Blind Mice

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