Where were you when you heard the news that Heath Ledger died?

I was sitting here on my bed. Rascal sprawled out sleeping beside me. Enjoying a cup of tea in my fancy Starbucks mug. Posting the gosh-darndit most hilarious video of Jerry O’Connell parodying the Tom Cruise Scientology video. Sharing it over speaker phone with Josh-O. Both of us hysterical. Until I heard it…on the TV. Faint. But, there.

A 28 year old man, a father, with so much talent and potential had suddenly died.

A shocking, tragic thing, no matter who the person….

Hit me hard with what’s real.

The rascal woke up a minute ago. I shouldn’t have done this, but I played with him. I should have lulled him back to sleep. But, he looked so sweet. And, when something big happens — usually involving death — I feel slapped in the face with what’s real in this life….

I pressed his cool cheek against mine and felt it. I kissed his chubby, awesomely-clefted chin, and savoured it. I inhaled the crazy-sweet scent of his baby breath. Took it all in. Held him tight while he smiled big and giggled. It didn’t take me long to get him back to sleep.

I had other things planned for today’s post. Gratuitous pictures….


Food photography practice; or, dinner….

Cooking at home…only for me….

Imaginative play: best thing since sliced bread. Heck, better than sliced bread.

Life, gifts, love.

No, Gorgeous Commenters, NOT a real mouse….

If you haven’t already, LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS!


WAY better than sliced bread….

For the latest details on the Heath Ledger story, please visit Cheaty Gossip.

Goodnight, sweet Gorgeouses.
xo Haley-O