I don’t really have a list of famous people I’d like to go to dinner with. If I did have a list, I’m sure Clive Owen would top it (I hear he’s pretty down-to-earth in person). And, if we did actually end up going to dinner (ever?), I wouldn’t speak; I’d just listen to that sultry voice and stare into those sexay eyes….

Ahem, I’m back.


As I was TRYING to say. I think I’d really like to go to dinner with Tim….

Tim Gunn…. LOVE HIM! I’m just watching him on the third episode of Project Runway 4 (yeah, the show started in January for us Canadians — so NO SPOILERS, please!), and I love him. And, I want to go to dinner with him….

If you LOVE me, you’ll buy me this because, as the monkey ALWAYS says, I WAAAAAAAAN IT:

I wonder if Sanjaya has one….

If I got the chance to have dinner with Tim, we’d have SO much to talk about…like, what not to wear…!

No doubt, my closet would make a wonderful episode in his new show Guide to Style (cannot waiiiit!)….

We could also talk about Heidi…Seal…sexual orientation and who does the better one-eyebrow lift….


Here’s looking at you, kid….