(Actually posted by Josh-O)

I guess this is something like a guest post :) Haley and I had a baby boy last night at 7:37 PM and weighing in at a healthy 7 pounds even. All is well with both the new addition and Haley. Haley did an amazing job. I definitely had the easier part in the whole process.

I am sure you are all wondering about the name – we like to keep that stuff to ourselves and so I am sure Haley will come up with an appropriate nickname for him soon enough.

On a side note, the Monkey is a little bit jealous and acting a bit standoffish. I cant say I blame her – she had us to herself for 2 years and is now forced to share and that’s not easy to do.

We are being released from the hospital tomorrow so I am sure this is my one and only post on this topic but while I still have control of the keyboard let me say that I really appreciated all the amazing comments and well wishes from everyone who did so. Haley hasnt seen them all yet but I was really touched and I am sure she will be too.

Take care and thanks for being such good friends to Haley,