I’d love to do a video of this draw, but, frankly, it’s Passover. That means I’m JUST getting over two FEASTS full of Passover food. So, the last thing I need is for the camera to add ANOTHER 10 pounds….

Without further ado…. We have our Pure + Simple Giveaway winners! I used Random.Org to for the drawing, and this is what was generated — CHECK IT!

1. Winner of the GTA FACIAL:

2. Winner of the Yorkville Body Wash + Body Oil:

3. Winner of the Yonge+Eg Body Wash, Body Oil, and Lotion:

Congrats to all the winners! I’ll contact you when I think you’ve had long enough to see this for yourself — don’t want to ruin the surprise! And many THANKS to all who participated. The more you participate, obviously, the better the GOODIES!

Stay tuned, though, Gorgeouses – we have more Goodies coming this weekend…! A PROMO!


xo Haley-O