So, I’ve been getting emails. A lot of emails. People are asking. The people WANT TO KNOW. How does Cheaty get such great skin? How is it possible? Heh. Well, first, I’d like to thank my mother, and her grandmother Fanny before her, for aging gracefully. SECOND, I’d like to thank my cat, for exfoliating my entire face every chance he gets with his aromatic raspy tongue. Also my vegan diet. Most of all, I’d like to thank  PURE + SIMPLE — whose products my own mother now uses on her flawless glowy skin (especially since I told her I always bump into a certain beloved Canadian icon when I’m in their spa), and, apparently, countless cheaty READERS. Thank you for taking my advice. I’m indecisive about a lot of things, but I remain steadfast about my Pure + Simple skincare and makeup.

Because, really, why put anything that’s not natural on your skin? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

I’ve already written about how my relationship with Pure + Simple began and has grown, and I’m really proud of it. I approached them long ago — before blogging had really entered the mainstream, and before I really understood how companies and bloggers could work together. I didn’t want anything from them other than to spread the word because my skin looked so darn good, and I wanted to be a source for my readers of hot, ecofriendly, affordable tips! And so, here we are again.

(Note: Anyone can shop at Pure + Simple online. Go to to take advantage of the truly wonderful skincare and cosmetic products.)

It seems a lot of you have been taking “Cheaty’s Recommendation” and LOVING Pure + Simple — both locally and abroad. I’ve been sharing reader feedback on Pure + Simple with the company’s co-founder, Kristen Ma (who happens to be the author of the hugely successful Beauty Pure + Simple). And she’s been thrilled and inspired by the response. AND, so, PURE + SIMPLE WANTS TO GIVE BACK, with thanks.

We’ve got THREE prizes, Gorgeouses! Two of the prizes are products and open to ALL. And one is a service open anyone who thinks they can get to one of Pure + Simple’s four locations in and around the GTA (greater Toronto area).

1. Yorkville Body Wash + Yorkville Body Oil (I USE THIS) — Naturally scented body products using Jasmine + Amber.

2. Yonge+Eg Body Wash, Yonge+Eg Body Oil, and Yonge+Eg Lotion — Naturally scented body products using Vetiver + Orange.

3. GTA ONLY: Gift Certificate: Super Hydrating Facial – 1 Hour Service (I LOVE THIS FACIAL and enjoy it as often as possible). Replenish + restore the skin’s water content and unclog pores. This 1 hour treatment concentrates on facial + décolletage work, including a restorative collagen treatment that leaves your skin plump + hydrated. Value $99.


To enter, please leave a comment below (and be sure to include your email address) telling us what your fave feature is. If you’re from the GTA, please include “GTA” at the end of your comment, and you will be entered in both draws.

Participants must enter by March 31st, 11:59pm.

One entry per person, please.

Winners will be drawn via — first GTA drawn will win the facial — the week of March 31st and announced here.



xo Haley-O