Following from my interview with Matthew Buttrey, I have a PROMO CODE to offer you, so you can get some dollars off Disney on Ice‘s fab new show Let’s Celebrate! Can you guess what it is…? It’s CHEATY. So, to buy your tickets, click here, and enter the promo code CHEATY. 

The dates are March 3 – March 7. I’ll be there on the 3rd, so LOOK FOR ME! And I even had the nerve to ask for two more tickets because I HAVE to take Auntie Deedee and her son Cousin E, who just so happens to be Buzz Lightyear’s biggest fan! I could never go see Buzz Lightyear LIVE without Cousin E!

Here’s why I’m telling EVERYONE I know that they HAVE to go….

C’mon — Lilo and Stitch? BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!? My little Rascal, the Monkey and Cousin E are going to go nuts when they see Buzz. Like omigosh, I can’t wait….

And Princess Tiana, from The Princess and the Frog, making a New Orleans Mardi Gras DEBUT — the Monkey’s gonna go NUTS!

You can safely bet Cousin E will be wearing his Buzz Lightyear costume. Rascal will be wearing his Cars hat, and the Monkey will, of course, be donning the Cinderella dress that magically appeared before her eyes at Disney World’s Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique last month…. And I might even dress up — especially since Matthew says the skaters LOVE when the adults, too, get right into it!

See you there? CODE CHEATY!!!


xo Haley-O

Disclosure: I was given 4 complimentary tickets to review show, and I nervily asked for 2 more because of Cousin E’s obsession with BUZZ. Official Cheaty Review to come after I see the show March 3rd.