Okay! I’ve got a gift for my fellow Canadians. Possibly a gift for you — if you win — or simply an awesome idea for a gift for someone you love this holiday. Gorgeouses, we’ve got a Flip Video Camcorder — a sleek and sexy camcorder that allows you to take the easiest videos EVAH. In fact I just took ten. Three of them are over at the “recommends” blog, and I’ve got ONE MORE (heinous one) right here. Clearly I have some videography to learn because I took this in front of the brightest window ever, so I look like a big talking shadow. Anyway, check it! (And, btw, I don’t usually say tour like “TEWER” — I don’t know what got into me AT ALL).

So, check it: this fab camera is the size of my blackberry (if not smaller), and it’s filled with awesome features — i.e., 2 hours of battery life, 60 minutes of recording time AND they shoot video in amazing High Definition. HIGH DEF, Gorgeouses!

And then there’s FlipShare. Every Flip Video camcorder comes with built in FlipShare software that lets you so easily edit, organize and share your videos.

Also built in to the Flip is a handy-dandy USB arm. So, you literally just plug the camera RIGHT into your computer to both charge its battery AND activate FlipShare. Gorgeouses, it doesn’t get easier or more convenient than this.

And you know how crazy busy I am. I didn’t even read the instructions. I just pressed the big red button and off we went. We even got to video the Monkey’s dance recital yesterday. Something I totally couldn’t have done on the Canon camera that I’ve been using until now for ALL video. Three minutes and it’s done! This one lasts SIXTY MINUTES (and your lucky I didn’t VLOG for 60 minutes — I cut myself off at 5ish).

This totally fab product goes for $250 CDN. Crazy, huh?  So it makes the PERFECT gift for a friend or loved one. Josh-O is so trying to steal this from me. I may have to get one for him (since he’s not eligible for this giveaway!).

Here’s how you enter for your chance to win a FLIP:

I’ve told you who I think the Flip is perfect for, now YOU tell ME in the comments.


* Contest is for Canadian residents only, age 18+.
* One entry/comment per person allowed.
* Giveaway runs until midnight December 31st.
* Winner will be announced first week of January, right here — via draw LIVE on FLIP video, of course!

Many thanks to MomCentral for giving me a complimentary Flip camcorder, for hosting this Flip tour, and including me and my lovely Canadian readers! Good luck to all! And happy holidays!